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Originally Posted by Davvy_Wavvy View Post
Belle listened until she heard what she was waiting for. Everyone always said they didn't have a favourite something but usually they did. His favourite was the dark green one so that was the one that she took.

She was still small, so even though the kayak wasn't heavy she struggled a bit to maneuver her properly so she could pull it with her.

"Everyone has a favourite. I'm everyone's favourite." Of course the first year very much meant that and it never came from a place of narcissism. She was always the baby of her house and the only girl for her parents so naturally she was the princess.

"Besides this will make me invisible if the squid is looking up. My kayak will blend in with the water."

Belle Bellaire-Moore dropping straight facts.
"I think the squid will still be able to see you, but I think he's pretty friendly," Cornish grabbed a gray and white wooden kayak and hefted it against his shoulder before picking up the other end of Belle's green kayak. "You gonna fuss about getting those shoes wet? Because chances are really good that you'll get them wet or dirty or both."

He wasn't going to comment on the favorite. She wasn't his favorite, since he'd just met her, but he had enough sense to know that she wouldn't handle that bit of news very well. "Brenda's my favorite. Ready to get on the water?"

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
It was difficult in some ways having such a high turnover rate for teachers at Hogwarts. With it being his fifth year, Gunnar was starting to feel the pressure of needing advice for his educational and professional future, even though he was still only fifteen, and he was at a bit of a loss on who to talk to.

There were so many new professors this year, two of them being ones that crossed his mind to talk to - namely his new head of house and the new CoMC professor. He also had the vague notion of talking to Sutton as Herbology very much pertained to his prospective interests, but it still struck him as odd that their old Divination professor was now teaching Herbology and he was having a hard time getting past that. Eh, maybe he'd just talk to all three and get their different perspectives.

But today he was going to speak to Cornish first, for no other reason than he was already outside and walking past....whatever this muggle contraption was that was apparently the man's office or living space or whatever. Looking around curiously a bit, he raised a tentative fist and knocked on the door.
Cornish fully expected visitors in his office, miserable as it might be, but it was a pleasant surprise when they started showing up at his house. Caravan. Whatever. He pulled open the door with a pop, a sound that always reminded him that he lived in a giant tin can. Like breaking the seal on a tin of beans, only the bean was him.

"Yeah?" Cornish peered at the kid in the morning light, blurry after the darkness inside the caravan. "Uhhh. McCarthy, right? You lost?"

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