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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Eliora made a point of rubbing his head and making a face because yep. There was a definite lump up on here. "Maybe your old age has affected the shape of your head, because I feel some wonky shapes up here." And maybe she just liked feeling his hair and leaving it an absolute mess. Maybe, just maybe. Eli just thought it was funny, to be honest. And it was also what she did when he was napping in her office. She messed up his hair instead of painting his nails and drawing on his face.

An explanation...? This needed an explanation?

She made a face again, shoving his shoulder. "It's us!" Duh.
Were her words piercing that precious ego of his? Yes, actually. Though he didn't do so much to show it, he was highly bothered by the thought that his head could be imperfect. "Quite the contrary," she was making a mess of his hair and he absolutely knew it. "I age like fine firewhiskey," sealed, signed, and delivered with a wink.

Was she quite finished yet?

So that's why he always left her office looking like a disheveled mess. Something that also did not help with the rumors.

"You have my arms all wrong," he shook his head, pointing at the scrawny little things. "Ratio is off as well, I should be at least two centimeters taller." He was teasing.

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