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Text Cut: More greetings!
Text Cut: Jackson
Originally Posted by Dokimoto View Post

Jackson entered the room and as he gave out his "Good morning, Professor!", his eyes caught on the random assortment of items he saw. Were those... joysticks? What in the world could they possibly be doing with little elephants and broken clocks? Intrigued indeed... Kudos to you, Professor Sissay. Realizing that he had slowed down a bit to look at the various items, Jackson picked the pace back up and found a vacant desk.

In strolled another one of the few students she already knew by name, the Ravenclaw house prefect. "Good morning Jackson," Ayana greeted him, and watched with delight as he seemed to analyse the her desktop. Wonderful, wonderful. Healthy curiosity at its finest!

Text Cut: Analiese
Originally Posted by SneakySeverusSnape View Post
Analiese looked back towards the front of the classroom. Then she noticed all the objects on the desk. What were those for? "Professor Sissay, what are all those objects for?" She was just curious. There were two mini elephants... they looked nice.

She turned around to see a familiar face (Avalon). At least she didn't forget to do her hair. Analiese smiled a little bit and opened her textbook. Hmm. This was an interesting read. Ooh, how to calculate your life path number! So Analiese's would be... She decided she would try it out later. If she remembered, that was.

Ayana smiled widely at the young student's question. She loved questions, even if she was unable to provide a straight answer. "All in good time, I promise. These will all assist me in today's lesson," she answered, or rather non-answered, and her eyes twinkled merrily. Ayana tickled one of the little elephants in the desktop enclosure, causing it to make that noise that made even her want to coo at it.

Not that she cooed. Ayana Sissay rarely coos at anything or anyone that's not her son, Leul.

Text Cut: Missa
Originally Posted by Samia View Post
Missa wasn't late but she wasn't early either - and so clearly because almost everyone was in class, and even Eiji had someone sitting besides him.

Frowning a bit to herself, the fourteen year old waved at the professor as she looked for a seat, "hello professor" -

- and then she found a seat, and even though there were two empty ones, she slipped next to Nina, for reasons all related to one Keenan Burton.

Regardless, she passed the girl a smile as she settled down with her things.

"Good morning." Ayana nodded at the next student who entered her classroom, though once again she was met with a wave. Honestly, these waves were odd no? They weren't signaling each other from opposite ends of a Quidditch stadium.

Text Cut: Tina
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Tina was having one of those days! She was dressed in her uniform and ready on time, but halfway between the Ravenclaw common room and the arithmancy classroom, her bag caught on something and ripped. She'd managed to mend her bag with a quick charm, but the process of picking up and repacking all her supplies put her behind schedule. She practically ran the rest of the way to class, pausing only to straighten her tie and check her watch. She'd made it on time but just barely. Thank Merlin! Imagine the horrible first impression a late arrival would've made!

"Good morning, Professor," Tina greeted politely. Her eyes fell to the strange assortment of items on the desk, particularly the tiny elephants, as she tried to guess how they could relate to arithmancy. Hmm... the broken clocks would likely have numbers on them, and assuming those bags had actual coins inside, those would represent some numeric value. But the flutterbye bushes, the elephants, and the joysticks... nope, she had no idea! Still pondering, she made her way to the nearest empty seat and arranged her supplies on her desk. She could only hope she'd find out the objects' purpose soon!

Wonderful, wonderful! More curious students! "Good morning," Ayana replied warmly, and watched the student take her seat.

Text Cut: Aaron
Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Lol. Numbers. Yikes.

Thursdays weren't the best days for Aaron, yet... he'd slept well the night before, waking early enough to grab breakfast, and a shower. In fact, his mood was so light, the Hufflepuff was bopping his head as he entered the classroom, aiming a heartmelting grin at the Professor.

Numbers had never been his friend, but he was always up for the challenge. He was eager to learn, at least. "Good morning, and welcome to Hogwarts, Professor." She'd probably heard that plenty, but Aaron usually had no real reason to be anywhere near the Arithmancy classroom. So, he was saying it now. And don't think he hadn't caught sight of all the miscellaneous objects laid out on the front table...

.... and today, he dropped himself into the seat beside Lenora. She was quickly becoming one of his favorite people, equally eager to learn. They'd worked out a schedule that would work well for both of their timetables. "Morning."

Another student leader, which meant she knew the young man's name. To her delight, the hufflepuff prefect proved to be the most welcoming of the current students and she offered him and warm, bright smile. "Thank you very much, Aaron," she nodded towards him as he sat. This is the sort of manners she would expect from all her students.

Ayana glanced at her watch and saw that 9am had almost arrived. She turned towards the area to the left of her desk and quietly murmured under her breath, casting a quick series of charms and immediately conjured a rope around the blink-and-you'll-miss-it shimmer her spells produced. Excellent. Now it was less likely any students should wander into the area.

The door closed gently behind any students cutting it close as Ayana walked in front of her desk to smile at her class. "Good morning everyone! Welcome back from your summer holidays. My name is Ayana Sissay, and I'm your new Arithmancy professor here at Hogwarts," she introduced herself, just in case anyone had missed the official announcement. Or all of the dinners after that. Or her general presence. Students could be impressively unobservant.

"Arithmancy, for those joining us for the first time, is a subject that deals primarily with numbers, magical properties of numbers, and the numerical properties of the world around us." Ayana smiled kindly at all the younger students, hands moving around as she spoke. She was very excited for them to be taking their first Arithmancy lesson, even if they themselves had heard less than pleasant things about her subject. Arithmancy got such a bad reputation, it was quite disconcerting considering how beautiful and pure it is.

Light golden robes shimmering as she crossed a sunbeam streaming through the window, Ayana addressed the class at large. "What are some uses of Arithmancy that you have heard of? Most of you must know that it is a calculations based field. On what parameters do these calculations depend? Also, please tell me your name before you answer, so that I might start learning who each of you are." She was quite talented with names, if she did say so herself. The talent, she suspected, went hand in hand with her knack for number manipulation and memorisation, and had proved to be extremely useful ever since she'd become a teacher.

OOC: The lesson has officially begun! You have about 36 hours to answer before we move on to the next stage.

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