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It was starting to get harder and harder to wake up early. Sure, it was still the first week and he hadnít gotten used to the new timetable yet but........ no. No no no. To make matters worse, they had Arithmancy at this time of the day. That was not on.

But even if he didnít want to get out of bed earlier, he also didnít want to be late either and so, he found himself stuffing the last bit of toast into his mouth and furiously munching along as he walked down the corridor to the class. Munch munch, chomp chomp. He did, unfortunately, find himself lingering by the door to let his mouth catch up but that was expected.

It was only when heíd swallowed the last bit of toast - and wiped any crumbs off of his robes - that he entered the classroom. "Hello, Professor," he said quietly, making his way towards the nearest empty seat he could find and settling himself down. He glanced over at the blackboard and then at-

Were those tiny elephants??
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