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Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
The Italian uncrossed her arms, instead leaning her hip against the counter as she tried to give him a reassuring smile. Silently, she thought he’d look handsome if he smiled - like actually smiled… but she hadn’t seen him do that very much since they had both started… so she figured he just didn’t like smiling. Which was definitely okay. If he knew her family, he’d know that smiling definitely wasn’t a normal thing either.

Well, mostly. There was Zia Ciosa… but she loved to smile as much as she loved to bake. It was what they all loved her for. Her baking and her café …. But you didn’t cross Zia Ciosa, not if you didn’t want cut off from the best coffee and bruttiboni in Italy.

Hmmm. She liked how straight to the point Dalton was. She could appreciate that. “Eliora either has an appointment available at 4pm this afternoon or tomorrow morning at 9.30am.” She gave him a very small reassuring small because she wasn’t one for smiling either and nodded at him. “I was told that you could choose whichever was best for you around your potions.” While potions weren’t her own fortay, her second cousin’s Auberto, Romolo and Silvia were constantly informing them that their potions came first; that they couldn’t simply leave them behind regardless of the emergency.
The fact that his colleague wasn't a big smiler was fairly reassuring, and it made Dalton feel a little more relaxed. Only a little, but in fairness that was a lot more than most people. The fact that Guilia was new, too, also helped. With a quick glance around the laboratory, and then down at the second-hand, particularly well-used watch on his wrist, Dalton gave the timing a moment of thought.

"Nine-thirty tomorrow would be good, yeah," he said, grateful that he'd had the choice between the two. "I can get a test started first thing in the morning." And whilst it didn't require watching, he would be free to attend the meeting.

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