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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
The sooner she gave in the better, honestly. Was Eliora not aware that certain activities were highly conducive to the production of endorphins? Endorphins were fantastic, by the way. They could both use some more of them. Would help with the reliance of coffee. No mood a natural, energy-high couldn't solve. And that's it. That's the tea. It was always an option.

.... Her quick response elicited an eye-roll.

And for the record, let it be known that James didn't care for rumors. Which also meant that he wasn't stopping them.

"That's utter nonsense, 'Liora," the bit about his head. He didn't appreciate that. "My head is just fine." asdf. This whole thing was ridiculous. He couldn't actually believe he was having this conversation just now, how did she always manage to do this? As for the kisses? Extra as hell. Though this was nothing new.

He did as he was told, however, because Eliora was perhaps one of the very few he listened to. But upon actually opening his eyes he wasn't entire sure what he was looking at. So instead of giving her much of a reaction, he simply looked up at her wearing a questioning look on his face. "... I assume there's an explanation to accompany this?"
Eliora made a point of rubbing his head and making a face because yep. There was a definite lump up on here. "Maybe your old age has affected the shape of your head, because I feel some wonky shapes up here." And maybe she just liked feeling his hair and leaving it an absolute mess. Maybe, just maybe. Eli just thought it was funny, to be honest. And it was also what she did when he was napping in her office. She messed up his hair instead of painting his nails and drawing on his face.

An explanation...? This needed an explanation?

She made a face again, shoving his shoulder. "It's us!" Duh.

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