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Hey Guys, thanks for joining me again for another chapter. So sorry for being late. SS had problems with the site and I wanted to wait until it was fixed to try and post this chapter. The technical team here is outstanding and seems to have corrected the problem for which I'm sure we are all thankful. So thank you to those special tech elves for your diligent work and time spent finding and solving the problem. This chapter is pretty long, but I'm happy with it. I prefer long chapters but I do try to keep them shorter out of respect for those who don't have time to read long chapters. I hope you enjoy it just the same.

Ivana: Hey there! So good to hear from you. I have been missing you so much! Thank you for your sweet compliment and thank you for taking the time to read those three chapters. I would love to read more of your fanfiction too I hope everything is going super for you and we both have time to chat again. We need to catch up!

Chapter 5

The Promise To Fix Things So Carson Can Go Home

At seven o’clock Harry gave up on eating dinner with Ginny and Lily since they hadn’t gotten home yet. He fixed a plate of leftover meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and some green beans. He drank a cup of hot chocolate to help him get warm. When he was done eating he went into the study and was working hard on another project when Ginny and Lily came home. He closed the folder he had been writing notes in all evening and put down his pen. He stood up slowly and made his way into the living room where Lily and Ginny were excitedly looking over their purchases.

“What’s this then? A fancy party we’ve been invited to?” They jumped and laughed as they turned around when he spoke. Although he looked happy and his eyes were twinkling Ginny and Lily stopped laughing. They just looked at him and Lily looked sorrowfully at Ginny. But Ginny didn’t say anything so Harry nodded his head sadly. He asked Ginny if there was something she wanted to tell him or anything she needed to talk to him about. She just shook her head no so he said, “I need to go to the Pentagon tomorrow. I thought I’d wait until after lunch so my two favorite girls can come with me. Would you like that? We can make a stop at Cheyenne Mountain before we come home.”

Ginny said, “Love, we’ll have to take a rain check on that. All my sisters-in-law and Mum are going out for a girl’s day out. We’ll be leaving right after Lily’s last lesson and we’re going to make a day of it. Since tomorrow is Friday, Lily won’t have to be home early to go to bed so it’ll be late when we get home.”

Harry just looked at her and then forced a smile for them. He spoke softly and said, “I miss being with you guys. It seems like I haven’t seen you for hundreds of years. Do you think we can do something together Saturday?”

Ginny’s heart broke for him thinking what it must have been like for him to be away all that time sick with loneliness. She shook her head and said, “Mum and Dad asked if Lily and I could go with them to Charlie’s for the rest of the weekend. There isn’t any school Monday so we won’t be back until Monday early evening. We’ll be leaving just before dawn. They didn’t ask for you to come because Ron said you and he were going to be doing something over the weekend.”

Harry shrugged his shoulders and said, “Did he say what he wants to do? Only he didn’t say anything to me about it. Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” He turned to the steps and casually said, “I found Romilda Vine today. She and her son are going to live with Millicent Bulstrode and her husband. Goodnight.” He started to climb the steps but was having difficulty managing them. He held his hand to his head and fell sideways into the wall. He groaned and straightened up and went on up the steps. He wondered why the medicine wasn’t helping him the way it normally does. He felt his head carefully and discovered why it was still hurting. Whatever Romilda hit him with broke and part of it was still in his head. He had the biggest splinter that could ever be imagined.

Ginny went into the bathroom with him and gasped, “What happened to you?!”

“Romilda was afraid I was someone who was going to take her back to her husband. She attacked me from behind. When I found where she was hiding and I entered the tiny tool shack I immediately felt a mind control come over me. It disoriented me for a few seconds before I could shake out of it. That’s when she cursed me and then while I was trying to find out if I was going to die she broke something over my head and shoulder. I didn’t know about this until just now. I thought my headache and double vision was from the concussion; which it was but this splinter is causing a headache too. I just need to remove it and see how far in it is.”

Harry took a cleansing breath and then put his hand over the splinter without touching it and began pulling it out with his magic. He clamped his eyes shut and held his breath. When he finally got it out he swayed on his feet and leaned over the sink counter heavily and then propped his shoulder against the wall for support. When he felt like he could stand without support he opened his eyes and looked at the splinter. He measured it and then figured the angle it had entered his head to find out if it punctured his brain.

He dropped the splinter onto the counter and rubbed his face wearily. He held out his hand and a small bottle appeared. He took the cap off and drank the whole thing. He held out his hand again and another potion appeared. He poured it onto the area where he took out the splinter and then once again he held out his hand and a roll of gauze appeared. He wrapped his head and then turned to go out the door and nearly ran into Ginny.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were still in here,” he said; his tongue thick in his mouth. He struggled to get to his bed and fell into it when he reached it. He was aware of Ginny trying to help him and he could smell what he had in his memory of her that carried him through all the years he was away from her. He was home with his Ginny. Pain swept through him with every move she made trying to help. He was about to give in to his body calling for a shut down when he heard her desperate plea.

“I don’t know what to do for you! Could you please just go to the water and heal yourself?!” Ginny plopped angrily into the winged back chair at the foot of the bed Harry always uses when he’s taking off his shoes and socks.

Harry forced himself to become alert. He told her, “Never mind, Honey; just let me rest right here. The medicine will work through the night and I’ll be fine in the morning.”

“But you can’t be comfortable, you’re left half is hanging over the side of the bed. Just go to the water.” She doubled her fist and pounded her knees in frustration at the tears that were beginning to drop.

“Honey, I’m fine like this. I can’t lie on my back so this will keep me from moving accidentally onto it. I am cold though if you could cover me I’d really appreciate it.”

Ginny huffed and dropped a blanket on him and stormed out the door telling him to cover himself since he didn’t want her help. Harry closed his eyes and went to sleep wishing he knew the secret to a happy marriage.

The next morning Harry woke at five and stiffly got out of bed. He didn’t understand why there was a folded blanket over part of his back and head. He was shivering and wished he had been covered with the blanket. He glanced over at Ginny and wondered why she was lying on the very edge of her side of the bed. He used his magic and gently moved her to the center of the bed and covered her to keep her warm. He dressed quietly and went down to have his workout. While he was going through his routine he tried to remember the previous night. He remembered everything until after he took the potions and wrapped his head. From then on he couldn’t with clarity remember anything except he was in excruciating pain and he thought Ginny was upset with him. After his workout was complete he cooled off and showered. He put one of his best suits and a tie on and headed up to the kitchen where he smelled his breakfast. When he got to the kitchen Winky put his food filled plate in front of him and said he needed to not push himself so he could heal. He tried to assure her that he was very careful to not do anything too strenuous but she shook her head and looked at him as if saying, “You know what I mean.” He knew then she was talking about working on the Greenhouse.

“Winky, I will do everything in my power to make Ginny happy. I promised her I would in our wedding vows and as long as I have strength and breath I will do it. As soon as Ginny and Lily eat then I’ll get busy on things I need to do first and then I will get back to work on it. But until then, I want to visit with them while they eat so I can be out of the way so I’m not a distraction when they start their school routine.”

Winky understood, but didn’t like his decision. Harry decided to change the subject and asked when young Harry was going to get married. “It seems like he’s still too young to embark on marriage.”

Winky giggled and said, “Young Harry won’t be getting married until he is out of school and that won’t be for another few years yet. He is engaged now, but this is the time period that the mother of the bride to be, will monitor my young Harry to make sure he will be a blessing to her daughter instead of a curse. Of course they could disregard this tradition but my Harry wants to do everything in his power to make his Marlene happy with him. And if she is happy then so will be her mum.”

Harry said, “A marriage will struggle without happiness between the husband and wife; but as long as there is love it will work out.”

Just then Ginny walked in and glared at Harry. His smile upon seeing her fell when she glared at him. He was going to ask what he did wrong this time but Lily walked in. His smile returned and he said, “Good morning ladies. I bet you’re excited to get done with your schoolwork so you can get ready for the big party. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Lily smiled big and excitedly said, “Mum said we are leaving just as soon as she grades my work for the day. If you want to grade them as I get them done we can leave sooner.”

Ginny said, “Lily, your daddy obviously has plans for this morning. He’s wearing one of his best suits. We shouldn’t ask for his help just to make it so we can leave sooner. I’ll grade the papers quickly and we’ll leave then.”

Lily said, “But everyone will already be where we’re going to and we’ll miss out on lunch. It won’t be the same to grab a bite here and then leave.”

Harry looked at Ginny not knowing if she was really being considerate of his plans or if she just didn’t want his help. He decided to take a chance and said, “I said last night that I was going to the Pentagon today and I thought I’d go ahead and go this morning since you two aren’t going with me. But, I’ll gladly go after you leave. I’m happy to grade papers for you. Lily’s right, you don’t want to miss meeting where and when everyone else will be there. Let me help, I promise to stay on task and I’ll stay in the study so I’m not a distraction.”

Ginny started to smile sweetly at him but then remembered she was upset with him. She said, “Okay, we’ll give it a try, but if she gets behind because she sneaks in here to chat with you then you have to leave.”

Harry said, “She’s a good girl; she wouldn’t do that.” He gathered the dishes and took them to the sink and washed the table. Winky appeared at the sink and told Harry he couldn’t do dishes in his suit and it was her job anyway. She took his hand and began pulling him into the living room. He chuckled and said, “Alright, alright, you can do the dishes.”

Ginny stepped in front of Harry and he bumped into her. He looked surprised and then an impish grin flickered on his face. His eyebrows moved up and down to complete the impish look. “Is this a test to see if I can stay on task? If so I admit I am guilty of loosing track of everything because a beautiful woman seduced me on my way to the study.” He put his arms around her thoroughly enjoying the moment and then kissed her softly on the lips.

Ginny wilted in his arms and nearly smiled but then she once again remembered she was upset with him. She gently pulled away from him and said, “I just want you to know I don’t think you should talk to me through others. If you have something to say to me, then say it to me.”

This threw Harry so much he didn’t have words at first. Then he said, “Gin, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course I would talk to you if I had something I wanted to tell you. What are you talking about? Why would you say that to me?”

Ginny huffed impatiently and folded her arms. “As if you didn’t know. I heard you telling Winky that stuff about marriage and being happy or else the marriage would be a struggle. Why would you tell Winky we aren’t happy?”

He shook his head in shock. “We aren’t happy? I mean I know for some reason I make you angry every time I turn around but I didn’t know we weren’t happy otherwise.”

Ginny raised her voice and said, “You told Winky just minutes before Lily and I ate that we weren’t happy!”

Harry was still in shock and shook his head. “Gin, Winky told me that young Harry was engaged. Harry frowned and took out his wand. He flipped his wrist to his head and jerked out a silver strand of memory. He spoke an incantation and the memory played to her like a video.

First she saw Winky giggle and said, “Young Harry won’t be getting married until he is out of school and that won’t be for another few years yet. He is engaged now, but this is the time period that the mother of the bride to be, will monitor my young Harry to make sure he will be a blessing to her daughter instead of a curse. Of course they could disregard this tradition but my Harry wants to do everything in his power to make his Marlene happy with him. And if she is happy then so will be her mum.”

Then Harry spoke simply saying, “A marriage will struggle without happiness between the husband and wife; but as long as there is love it will work out.”

Harry put the memory back in his head and when Ginny started to say something Harry quietly said, “Shouldn’t you get started on teaching Lily her lessons? I don’t want to be a distraction and not get to grade her papers. I’ll be in the study.”

Ginny turned and went out to her office and began her lessons with Lily. Harry went back to the folder he had been studying last night and wrote down some notes. Whenever Lily brought in papers for him to grade she smiled happily and practically threw him the papers and ran out so she wouldn’t get in trouble for not staying on task. Harry graded each paper quickly as she brought them in and then worked on the folder until he put his folder in his briefcase and made a phone call. When he hung up Lily and Ginny brought in the last paper. He graded it quickly and marked the grade in the grade book. He then told them that Lily got perfect scores in English Grammar, Literature, Health, Spelling, and Linguistics. Then he told her she missed number five in History. He said what the question was and the answer she gave. He told Ginny that she missed three problems in Math and which ones they were and the answers she gave. “I also noticed that you haven’t figured her averages for the first semester so I did that for you and recorded them in your grade book.”

Ginny and Lily stood staring at him and he said, “Don’t you have plans you’re anxious to get to?”

They jumped and laughed. “We weren’t expecting you to have everything done. We finished early so I was going to finish grading the papers and Lily wanted to chat with you while I did that. But honestly, I had decided to grade her papers when we got home so we could go ahead and leave when we’re ready.”

“But then since you have them all graded we can get ready and leave now and pick up Grandma.”

Ginny smiled sweetly at her daughter and told her to go ahead and she would be up in a minute. She looked at Harry when Lily ran out anxious to get her fancy clothes on. “Love, I’m sorry I accused you of telling Winky we weren’t happy. And to be honest, I’m not happy a lot of the time but not because of you per say, but because you always get hurt and most all the time I’m helpless at helping you. It seems like I don’t know what to do to help anymore. And it frustrates me that you have the ability to be healed when you get in the water from nature like the stream down the hill or in the cavern under the house.”

Harry sighed and looked down to the floor and then looked sadly at his wife. “Honey, I don’t like using the stream or the cavern water because I worry that it is addictive for me. I do love being healed and feeling perfectly healthy in my body, but I also feel a certain euphoria that worries me. And I feel drawn to it at the tiniest wound I get. And too, I can’t heal completely when others have seen me next to death and then be one hundred percent because it is suspicious. So I don’t stay in it long enough to be healed and then I feel an even stronger pull to the water. I will not become a slave to Poseidon’s gift to me.”

Ginny was about to say something else and Lily yelled down to her with a voice of worry, “Mummy we’re going to be late.”

Harry took Ginny in his arms and hugged her tight to him. He kissed her passionately with hot lips. “I love you, Ginny Potter. Go get ready before you miss out.”

He winked at her and went back to his seat. “Let me see you two before you leave so I can see how beautiful you are and say good-bye.”

Half an hour later Ginny and Lily cleared their throats standing in the doorway of the study. Harry looked up and smiled widely. “Don’t the two of you look beautiful?! I think I should go and stand guard so nobody tries to snatch my beautiful girls.”

Lily giggled and skipped over to him and put her arms around his neck. Ginny saw his face turn white for an instant but then he hugged her and told her, “I’ll miss you, Darling Angel. Have a wonderful time.” He kissed her head and told her he loved her.

Ginny stepped elegantly to him rather than skipping like Lily had. Harry smiled and reached for her. She went into his arms and he held her tight. He nuzzled her ear and neck and breathed his hot breath on her neck and kissed her with his scorching lips. After he kissed her one more time he looked into her eyes and said, “I’ll miss you, Honey, but I want you to have a great time.”

He reluctantly let loose of her and smiled when they turned to wave goodbye again. He waved again and took a picture of them and then they left with a pop. Harry felt the loneliness creep into his soul again. He was thrilled to be home, but just seeing them for minutes at a time made him feel like they were glimpses into a memory from hundreds of years gone by. He shook his head and put these thoughts to the back of his mind. He put on his suit jacket and picked up his brief case and disappeared.

He made quite the stir when he appeared before a panel of judges, Generals, and other dignitaries. He stood politely by the table they were all sitting at until another group of men came in. He looked like a statue standing with his head bowed; his feet set shoulder width apart and his fingers interlocked in front of him. He was trying to be as non intrusive as he could be. He didn’t say anything even though the whispers he heard concerned him. He heard footsteps approach him so he looked up smiling recognizing the pattern of the person’s steps.

He took the hand that was offered to him and shook it earnestly. “Jack, thank you for coming; I didn’t know you would be here.” Harry looked at the men following Jack and smiled as he offered his hand to the President of the United States and the First Minister of Scotland. And then the room began to buzz as John and Carson walked a bit uncertainly into the room. An aid to a General got up and put out his hand to stop them from entering the room and pointed to the door.

Harry spoke up and said, “Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Beckett please come in and take a seat here at the head of the table.”

The two men walked over and stood by the chairs directed to them by Harry. Jack told the secretary to call the meeting to order and so she did. Everyone sat down with the exception of Harry who then walked to the podium and began to speak with great authority.

“I need to get home as soon as possible so I’ll make this as succinct as I can. I have recently learned of a huge miscarriage of justice and it needs to be rectified now. Ten years ago Dr. Carson Beckett was captured and a clone was made of him. The doctor was killed in an explosion while saving the life of a serviceman. The clone, this man who sits with us now, was rescued three years after he was created. He is by all accounts Dr. Carson Beckett. The only difference in the two doctors is the original was born from the womb of his mother and the clone was created in a lab. But he has all of Carson’s memories, with the exception of the three years he was held captive by his creator. He is an exact duplicate from the originals blood cells and everything that makes a person what and who he is. He has the same consciousness of the heart; meaning he believes in creation and has a soul. This man has remained loyal, working with compassion and doing great and honorable works for not only his nation but all nations of Earth and in the Pegasus galaxy. He receives a salary and pays taxes. And since he receives a salary and pays taxes then you are all guilty of unjust imprisonment. I suggest you turn him free from his imprisonment and allow him the same respect in every detail as the original Carson Beckett immediately. What say you?”

A General said, “Mr. Potter, you can’t just pop in here and make accusations like this. Who do you think you are making such outlandish charges that we are holding Dr. Beckett in prison? As you can clearly see he is here and walked in without being chained and shackled and without prison guards.”

I beg your pardon, General, but as you saw; I did pop in here so clearly I can pop in, and you know who I am because you addressed me by name before you made your ridiculous statement.” Harry looked at John and said, “Colonel Sheppard, are you armed and did you receive orders regarding Dr. Beckett? And if so, what were they?”

John said, “Sir, my orders were to bring Dr. Beckett to Earth and escort him to the Pentagon for a special hearing and I was to come armed.”

“And does Dr. Beckett have normal freedoms when he is brought here, to Earth that is?”

“No sir, he is accompanied at all times by a member of the military.”

“And has he ever gone home for any reason?”

“No sir. He is forbidden to go anywhere in public and he can never go home.”

“Thank you, Colonel Sheppard.” Harry turned and quietly looked at the members of the hearing. He looked daunting and formidable. It was very obvious that he was upset to say the least. “Doctor Beckett is in prison and you can’t say he isn’t. Now, the reason he is forbidden to go home is, according to the report on file, since he was already declared dead and buried you can’t allow him to. You say you can’t come up with a good cover story. I think it is a different reason though. What do you think?”

Nobody spoke until Harry said, “I think that since you don’t allow him to go anywhere on Earth without an escort then you think since he is a clone that he can’t be trusted. Is that it?”

Most of the people said no, it was because they didn’t provide him with a cover story. But then one man said, “Yes, so what if it is true? We can’t have something that isn’t real just walk about Willie Nillie. He isn’t a real man he’s parts of two men, meaning the original man and this thing before us.”

Harry said, “General, you received a double lung transplant from a woman’s cloned lung and a pig seven years ago. Do you have to be escorted around and are you forbidden to go home?”

“Of course not! Just because I have a lung from someone else doesn’t mean I’m not a real man, or that I’m sharing a body with another person.” The General became irate with Harry but Harry remained calm. “And what makes you think I have a lung from a pig or that my other lung was cloned from a woman’s lung?! This is not science fiction Mr. Potter.”

“So we are in agreement then that Dr. Carson should also be allowed to be free to come and go as he pleases without armed escorts and he should be allowed to go home.” Before the man could say anything else Harry continued on abruptly making the General jump. “Are you aware, General, that when you received your new lungs that Nanite technology was used to make your body compatible with your new lung from the pig? I guess not if you really didn’t know about that lung. You have Nanites sitting inert in your body in case your lungs start to deteriorate.”

A classified paper appeared before the General and he picked it up and read it. His face turned white and he looked at Harry without saying a word. He put it on the table and pushed it away from him like it was something disgusting. Harry looked at it and the paper burst into flames consuming it and then the flames disappeared along with the ashes of the paper.

“One more thing General, I thought you might like to know that it was this Dr. Beckett and Dr. Keller’s knowledge of Nanite technology and their special serum to restructure cellular degeneration that caused you to be able to survive the transplants.”

The General was speechless and so Harry continued only this time he talked to the whole committee. “Now, I brought up these points about the General to show how unfair it is that everyone else with unique situations gets to live their lives normal but Dr. Becket isn’t allowed to. I haven’t for one minute thought that the General should be sent off to another galaxy to live since he was experimented on. I have the utmost revere, respect and admiration for the General. The United States should consider herself blessed to have him in her service. Can we agree that Dr. Beckett is perfectly safe and he can go home when he wants to?”

“Why did you burn that paper you showed the General?” asked a young man with narrow set eyes.

Harry looked at the aid and answered, “Because I wanted him to have the information for proof of what I told him. I burned it so nobody would have a chance of knowing the classified material.”

The man mocked Harry and laughed. Harry stared at him with a non readable face. He didn’t speak until he asked the man if he was done being childish so the adults could finish their important meeting.

“Being childish is better than being stupid like you,” the young man chided defensively.

Harry laughed and said, “Look little one, all of us have better things to do than quip with the likes of you. Wipe your snotty nose and dry your eyes and sit still and color a pretty picture until the meeting is done.”

A coloring book and crayons appeared in front of the man and Harry said to the group, “All but a few of you will forget this part of the meeting so you aren’t tempted to divulge classified information.”

Once again the petty young man spoke up and said, “If you weren’t a wizard I’d come over there and clean the floor with you. You are nothing but an arrogant fool, an ugly one at that.”

Harry looked at the foolish aid and said, “Well come on and give it a try. I promise not use magic.”

The man stood up and started to act like he was going to go fight Harry but then sat back down after looking at the men around him. An older man nodded his head and said, “Go on and let’s see what Mr. Potter is made of.”

The young man stood up again looking a little skeptical. He decided to make himself out to be better than he looks and said, “I should warn you that I have a black belt in Karate and I hold the highest level title for kick boxing. That means I’m the champion.”

Harry said, “Well come on and show me your stuff little man. I consider myself warned. Is there anything you want to know about me?”

The man laughed and said, “I already know about you; you’re an arrogant, self centered, self-righteous, proud, narcissistic, vain-”

Harry turned around and looked behind him. “I’m sorry; I thought Rodney McKay just walked in. He chuckled and said, “Are you going to show me your moves or bore me to death?”

The young man walked around the table; Harry watching how he carried himself. The man stood nose to nose to Harry and said, “Are you scared, Potter?”

Harry calmly said, “No.”

When he stepped back from Harry his right foot came up and around with amazing speed. Harry reached up and grabbed his foot before it connected to Harry’s face and pulled it to him and twisted it making the surprised man land on his backside in front of Harry; who by the way still stood in the same spot. Harry put his foot on the man’s throat and said, “I’m not impressed. Would you like to go back to the table and let us finish the meeting? I don’t have any desire to hurt you and I really do want to finish up here so I can get home.”

The man said he wanted to go back to his seat. Harry let go of his foot and took his foot off of the man’s neck. He offered the man a hand up and asked if he was okay. The young man nodded his head and turned to go to his seat. He spun on the spot and Harry moved just in time to avoid being struck with his fist. Harry grabbed the flying fist and twisted it roughly, and then yanked the man around so his back was against Harry and Harry put a choke hold on the man.

“What a coward move! Do I need to tie you up or what?”

“No sir, I’ll sit at my seat quietly; I promise.”

Harry shoved him roughly towards his chair and said to the committee, “So, Dr. Beckett will get to be free so we just need to come up with a reason why he was so miserably mistreated. Any suggestions?”

Nobody said anything so Harry sighed and said, “How about our doctor was on a top secret mission with a team of Marines; captured and then taken away to an obscure and distant land. He was thought to have been killed due to overwhelming evidence that was sent to you. A video was shown of him in a room where a bomb exploded and a piece of his burned shirt had his blood on it was found. Then two years after that Colonel Sheppard and his team along with a team of Marines found him but he was dying. Word couldn’t be sent of his rescue because you weren’t sure that he would live. Now he is able to be up and about like normal and Doctor Keller made an evaluation and said he is at near full recovery and would most definitely live. And to make his worth known you better give him a sizable pay raise and a medal.”

The President and the First Minister agreed and said they would sign an executive order. Harry said he was hoping for that and handed them both a piece of parchment for them to sign. They said it needed Dr. Keller’s signature also. Harry said, “I’ll be right back.”

Harry appeared before Mr. Woolsey in his office and told him the President of the United States and the First Minister of Scotland needed Dr. Keller for a little bit, and that she could get back home with John. When he nodded his head Harry disappeared and then appeared in the infirmary. He asked Jennifer if she was doing anything for a little bit. Jennifer looked at him and picked up a roll of bandage, looking at the bandage on his head and when she said no she could look at him, he touched her arm and they disappeared.

Harry and a very surprised Doctor Keller appeared and Harry offered Jennifer a seat next to the President. She stared in wonder and quickly adjusted her scrubs and hair and said, “You’re the President of the United States. Er I mean, what can I do for you sir?” She put her bandages and stethoscope on the table she was at.

The President smiled and said, “Our friend Harry has convinced us to make a change in Doctor Beckett’s rights and freedoms. We have decided to allow Carson to return to Earth on furlough whenever he wants to. We need to get your signature as his Doctor saying he is healthy and able to travel.”

“Oh, okay; that’s great. I’m happy for him; it’s about time I think.”

Roland chuckled and said he quite agreed. Jennifer signed the papers and Harry asked if the meeting was over now. Roland said it was unless anyone else had anything else to discuss. Harry stood behind the podium and thanked everyone for coming and rectifying the terrible injustice that had been done to Carson. “Does anyone have anything that has to be discussed now?”

The aid that had given Harry a hard time said he needed to say something. Harry didn’t say anything but stepped away from the podium and the young man stepped over to it.

“I just wanted to tell Mr. Potter I am sorry for trying to pick a fight with him. I only wanted to impress my boss who encouraged me to show him I wasn’t afraid to confront Mr. Potter with hostility. I have to say though confronting Mr. Potter is the scariest thing I’ve ever done and I don’t want this job if I have to prove my worthiness.”

Harry looked around the room seriously and asked who his boss was. “His name is Hugh Downson and he works in the IOA. I was to be his liaison since he hasn’t been able to go to work since Christmas time.”

Harry’s jaw clamped shut tight and he looked over at Jack. Their eyes met and Jack shrugged his shoulders. Harry put his hand on the young man’s shoulder and turned him so he could see his eyes. The young man didn’t know that his mind was being searched only to make sure he was telling the truth. Harry said, “Thanks for telling us this, it was very brave of you. And don’t worry about being fired from your job; the man you were working for was fired from the IOA by me at Christmas time. He didn’t have the authority or the legal ability to hire you. I will guarantee you a job with the IOA if you still want to work with them though.”

The man said he would and thanked Harry for being understanding. Harry dismissed the meeting and went to greet John, Carson, and Jack. Jennifer joined them and Carson thanked Harry for making it possible for him to go home. He was quite emotional and Harry waved his hand dismissing the fact that he did it.
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