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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Oh, there she was. Mariana perked up and offered the older woman a smile, extending her hand. "You can, yes. I'm Mariana Medina, a botanist here at the ministry. I'm sorry to just turn up like this, but I was just hoping you had a few minutes to chat." She knew what she wanted to say already, so it wouldn't take long at all, really. "It's about an opportunity to have some plants put around level seven. There's one in particular I think you might be really interested in."
Victoria was never someone that would jump to any conclusions or even push someone away, but when the woman said about a plant in her area she looked more concerned than interested. 'Oh, sure, I have some time. Why don't you take a seat." The chairs were always comfy and Victoria always welcoming.

"Plants? Well, we had a plant here once and it attacked my employees. I mean I understand what all happened, but some of them haven't fully gotten over it." She even had an employee quit the ministry because she couldn't handle the plants around the building. The poor woman was going to have a rough life if she didn't get over it, plants were everywhere.

"I could probably speak to my team about it. "

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