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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post

She didn't really even know what she ordered besides it smelling delicious as the Ravenclaw smiled and took a seat. It was apparently confetti popcorn and was suppose to fizz in your mouth. which was an interesting concept even if she did not particularly like soda. But wanted to try it anyway which she took a handful and started eating it.

"Good... just spent the last couple hours reading on the floor of Flourish and Blotts. It was nice and actually not that crowded considering....Do you want some? I think I bought too much?"

Mercy asked holding it out the popcorn. She might have bought too much for her to eat. Even if he didn't want anything she wouldn't think anything of it. And thinking to herself she really needed to start on her newt stuff if she wanted to stop worrying about her OWL grades and focus on something else to worry about...anything really.
As Mercy took up a seat beside him, Kaiser found he couldn't keep his eyes off of the popcorn. Was he staring? He was probably definitely staring, but he couldn't help it. He was just... so... hungry...

She was talking. She was talking to him, and he was barely listening, distracted as he was by the food and finding it so difficult to concentrate out of pure hunger. But what he absolutely did pick up on was that offer. Kaiser looked between Mercy and her food a few times, just kind of processing her words to make sure he'd heard them right. She was holding out the popcorn to him, which made him think, as a matter of fact, yeah, he'd heard perfectly.

"Oh, well... yes, actually. I would like that," Kaiser replied, smiling lightly, and reached across to take some popcorn, trying to be mindful of not taking too much, even though his body was crying out for it. "Thank you." It was at that moment that he became fully aware of just how grubby his hands were, and so Kaiser tried quickly to continue the conversation, a wild attempt at distraction. "So... what were you reading?" She had said she'd been reading, right? ... Well, even if she hadn't, it was a fair assumption, given who he was talking to.

Meanwhile, Kaiser ate some of the popcorn, barely noticing the fizzing sensation, grateful as he was to just have something. He did do his best not to completely lose his head and stuff the entire handful of popcorn into his mouth, but it took a great deal of self-restraint.
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