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Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
Tipping her head slightly as she pushed some brunette hair behind her ear, the Italian gave him a small smile. “It is good.. I am enjoying the challenges.” She told him, as she crossed her arms easily, relaxed as she watched him easily.

She missed home, and actual pizza… but he didn’t need to know that. Definitely not.

“Eliora would like to schedule a meeting with you.” She told him, hating small talk and figuring he would rather just know what she was here for. After all, he likely only saw her in the labs when she was looking for someone specifically. “A general review, make sure you are settling in… enjoying it… etc.” She said, hands unfolding to rotate in the air in a physical ‘etc’ motion.
Dalton nodded in response, offering a tentative smile that came across as more of a grimace even though he didn't mean it to. That was just his face. He did understand, though - he too was enjoying the challenges the new job brought.

As he moved to wash his hands (one could never be too careful in a potions laboratory), Dalton stiffened ever so slightly. A meeting with the Department Head? Guilia could dress it down all she wanted, but it still sounded ominous to him. Of course, he wanted to come across well, but not quite obsequious, so he paused before the temptation to run straight to Eliora's office overcame him. "When would she like this meeting?" he asked, trying to seem as though he wasn't worried.

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