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Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
Sebastian listened to her questions. She seemed to be really nervous. He couldn't blame her, and wondered if this was the first time she had transferred from one school to another. "It sure does! Transfers have to be sorted too." He said with another grin which turned into a wide smile when she shook his hand. "The pleasure is all mine, Ellie." He said with a wink before taking his hand back.

Raising an eyebrow he looked at the girl, "I'm going into my fourth year, and Nah...the sorting hat can actually be really interesting and sometimes annoying but not scary at all. Plus, you can always tell it what you want and it takes your wishes into consideration." He said with a grin. She was very worried for a girl her age. Then suddenly the shopkeeper was there...

"See I told you." He whispered with a wink and a sly grin. This was not his first transfer student encounter!

"It's tradition. Everyone wears ties and shawls are kinda...unnecessary." He said with a shrug. It made them all look more uniform and it was actually kinda nice not having to worry about what you were wearing. He listened as she asked the shopkeeper more questions and combed through the leggings to find the right size for his sister. She was eight years old and very slender for her age. He could help her with all of that as well, but better leave it to the professionals.
From Durmstrang to Beauxbatons to Hogwarts! Ellie shouldnít be nervous, but she was and she didnít know why. The closer they got to September 1st the more jittery she got. For some reason she couldnít explain right now she was super scared that Sebastian would get the wrong idea that she was a nervous nobody girl that wasnít worth getting to know or befriend with all her questions. Ellie didnít want anyone to think that she wasnít friend material or worse that she was cursed or a troublemaker.

Gulping she tried not to show her clear disappointment at the news that he was going into fourth and not third year like her. Plastering on a cheery smile she said. "Sorry for all the sorting hat questions itís just that Beauxbatons did the house selection in another way and I donít want to mess up on the first night." It was comforting to hear though that the hat considered personal wishes when selecting a house.

Making a face at Sebastian she pouted slightly when her shawl idea was shot down. "Fine Iíll buy the charmed ties as it says on the list. I shall be a good girl. I get why itís good to have uniforms I do, but doesnít anyone ever wear something splashing and unique to them? Like tattoos or necklaces? Some of the girls at Beauxbatons liked to change their hair colours too." To show personality? Would her charmed creature pin be disallowed? Sheíd have to ask her new head of house whoever that wasÖ. Grabbing a pair of black leggings in her size Ellie shot a glance at Sebastian and raised her brows in disbelief. "Are you buying leggings for yourself?" Boyís didnít usually wear leggings did they? She knew Oliver didnít.

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