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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post

Her politeness was one of the things had endeared Miss Burton to him, genuine he had figured out over time. That and her willingness to work. She took her added assignment in stride and didn’t think herself better than it. Definitely put her above some of the other YATIs he had worked with over the years in his mind. With her on board, Simon nodded and turned to lead her to the first place they would be looking into for this assignment.

“Well there are several different types of spells that go into the perimeter security of the Ministry of Magic,” he said, answering her question, or at least starting to as they headed out of the office. “Those meant to keep the workers inside safe and to keep those on the other side the same way.” With some of the matters the ministry dealt with, like mutants and mind-controlling brains and altered plants, both were greatly needed. “As well as keeping wizards and muggles alike from entering the place against our will.”
Being a YATI for more than 3 years had made her realized like she was the bottom of auror chain, the lowest level of all, nobody. And not to mention she was a repeater so clearly there's nothing she should be bragging. Yes, at some certain point Ava would think that she was better than anyone else, but not when she was at work. Following the head of security, now they're heading to the lift. It looked like they would head downstairs to the atrium.

The YATI kept listening to Simon while nodding along, trying to be familiar with the topics. She did know about some spells that worked as a barrier to conceal the wizarding world from muggle area, including the protecting and muggle-repelling charm. "Do we look into the perimeter regularly?" Curiously she asked.
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