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Originally Posted by gritandgrace View Post

Eniola looked down as something tapped her arm..or someone it appears. A young boy. "Oh, hello!"

Eni listened to the boy, he seemed so cheerful, it was nice to see. "I have an African wood owl, she's beautiful. Her name is Adika." She smiled down at the boy. "I'm looking to buy her some food and treats before the new school. And no, I don't have any other pets although you might have some luck with your toad. What kind are you wanting to get?"
Benji SIGHED heavily and looked back at the displays. "I don't knooooow," he admitted with a frown. "There's so many different options!" For both the owls AND the toads. Plus, he didn't even know if he had enough money to afford both of them. His dad might lose his mind if he came home with two pets as well...but then again, he got his way a LOT. This seemed like something he might be able to get away with...

"I'm Benji by the way. I'm a first year," he told her with another smile. That much was PROBABLY obvious since he didn't know ANYTHING about owls. Or pets.

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