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SPOILER!!: you two
Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
If anyone asked, Colin would go to his grave saying that he was still just as charming as he had been all those years ago, freshly graduated from Hogwarts and new to the Magpies. Leave it to Pavel to just play it cool with a smile of his own.

"Been to th' last few games actually. Will likely be at th' rest since we've got a damn good shot at winnin' it all this year. And, aye, a've had a few goes at Portgual back in my day. Feisty team they 'ave always been. Bit a'm sure ye will do just fine," he replied with a sincere nod. "Especially if ye and Cynthia knock 'em all out right away." A slap on the shoulder and a hearty chuckle followed.

Of course, the jersey was being held up with pride. Colin was a bit biased toward his own team and everything. But it was only natural for his grandson to want to follow in Papa MacKenzie's footsteps. "Could no' 'ave said it better myself, mate. Even more magical seeing yer wee lads jumping on a broom fer th' firs' time."
Originally Posted by Pavel Torben View Post
Colin MacKenzie was a very charming bloke and Pavel could see and acknowledge that fact but he was a charming guy himself too. So he kept playing it cool. If the elder man was bothered by that, then it was his issue, not Pavels.

Grinning wide he responded "Yes, we’ve got a damn good shot at winning the whole cup and i plan to do my part to make that happen." Winning was what mattered. They just had to get through the next matches without hitches and then they’d be in the final. !As long as Portugal plays fair and keeps the feistyness within reason i’m sure it’ll be a good match." Pavel would be looking out for his teammates though and if need be he could be feisty too.

With a sincere nod he replied back. "I’m sure we will. Cyn can get in feisty knocking moods and then even I am glad to be on her team and not the other side." Pavel had his fingers crossed that that happened against Portugal so they won.

Brad was setting up the newest brooms on the display and cleaning up the shelves. Nothing like keeping the shop up to date and welcoming. That's when he could see two entries. Ahh.. The timing was impeccable. Given the World Cup and all.

"Good day lads, everything alright?" Would they need any help? It was all that mattered. Especially given what their presence could do.

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