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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
It wasn't uncommon to hear footsteps on a crowded street, so Kaiser didn't turn to look at who had approached him until he heard them say his name. Seeing Mercy, he smiled lightly, as his gaze lingered on the food she had in her hand. Trying to ignore the pangs of hunger in his stomach, he shook his head as though to clear it, and tore his eyes from Mercy's food and tried to focus instead on her face.

"Mercy, hi. I am... good..." he replied, now feeling slightly more conscious of the fact that it had been... however long it had been since he'd last had a proper shower. Kaiser reached up to his hair and kind of tried to make it look slightly more presentable, before nodding and gesturing at the seat beside him. "Yes, of course." Another small smile. "How are you?"

She didn't really even know what she ordered besides it smelling delicious as the Ravenclaw smiled and took a seat. It was apparently confetti popcorn and was suppose to fizz in your mouth. which was an interesting concept even if she did not particularly like soda. But wanted to try it anyway which she took a handful and started eating it.

"Good... just spent the last couple hours reading on the floor of Flourish and Blotts. It was nice and actually not that crowded considering....Do you want some? I think I bought too much?"

Mercy asked holding it out the popcorn. She might have bought too much for her to eat. Even if he didn't want anything she wouldn't think anything of it. And thinking to herself she really needed to start on her newt stuff if she wanted to stop worrying about her OWL grades and focus on something else to worry about...anything really.
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