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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
It was a great day to spend the majority of it in Flourish and Blotts sitting in a corner and reading. Which to Mercy was almost a perfect day. would be more perfect if Nicola Bernice Jarvis was there also but you can't get anything perfect. The shopkeeper didn't even come over to keep asking what she was doing so it really was great. She was starting to get hungry and had to get up and leave. Walking around she saw a vendor and bought whatever it was they were selling because she nowadays has more money than she knows what to do with.

Taking a bite into it. she turned and saw Kaiser there sitting down on a bench with a guitar.

Looked actually in decent shape, which surprised her

"Hi Kaiser. How are you? can I sit?"
It wasn't uncommon to hear footsteps on a crowded street, so Kaiser didn't turn to look at who had approached him until he heard them say his name. Seeing Mercy, he smiled lightly, as his gaze lingered on the food she had in her hand. Trying to ignore the pangs of hunger in his stomach, he shook his head as though to clear it, and tore his eyes from Mercy's food and tried to focus instead on her face.

"Mercy, hi. I am... good..." he replied, now feeling slightly more conscious of the fact that it had been... however long it had been since he'd last had a proper shower. Kaiser reached up to his hair and kind of tried to make it look slightly more presentable, before nodding and gesturing at the seat beside him. "Yes, of course." Another small smile. "How are you?"
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