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SPOILER!!: Victoria and Presley!
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Victoria smiled at the two, “absolutely fine you two. Enjoy if you need me I’ll be right over there.” She pointed to the counter where she needed to get some of her paperwork done. She needed to establish just how many more robes she would need as she was only halfway through summer and nearly out. Merlin this year was a different pace. “Oh, there’s candy in the dish if you want to take a piece on your way out too.” She really hoped she hadn’t scared the boys off with her intrusion.
Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Text Cut: Indigo and Victoria!

Presley would very much like to try it on. He had wanted to tell Indigo that he should try on another robe and they could pretend to be super fancy (in the dressroom, not out in the shop merlin forbid). But now he felt a little awkward, with the shopkeeper and everything. And the look Indigo gave him was probably well deserved but?? he'd panicked. It was a knee jerk reaction to look for Indigo when he was uncomfortable, he always made Presley feel better.

"Thank you," Presley nodded at the shopkeeper as she retreated, and nodded in gratitude at Indigo as well. He squeezed his hand gently, and then glanced at the candy dish. "Do you think she knows we're not eleven?" he whispered quietly to Indigo, a little amused at that offer of candy. No one had tried to feed him sweets since before Hogwarts. Unless their name was Juliette, and then just last week.

Indigo gave the shopkeeper a small smile and a soft "Thank you." He may not be great at talking to people but he was still polite. He turned his attention back to Presley and smiled at his comment about the candy. "Candy isn't just for children," he said with a little smile. He may not be eleven but he would be taking a piece of that candy on his way out thank you very much.

He was grateful that it was just the two of them looking at the robe again. That made him a lot less anxious, as being with Presley always did. He glanced at the cloak again and then looked back at him. "Are you going to try it on, then?"
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