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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Victoria smiled at the girl. She remembered that fear of picking up all of her things on her own for the first time. It was absolutely terrifying. She smiled kindly at her, ďItís okay. Get yourself the plain robes, and once youíre sorted Iíll send you two of your house color. If you come back at the holiday, Iíll take your no longer needed black robes and get you nice new house color robes?Ē She smiled as she tried to calm the girl down. ďDoes that sound good?Ē Victoria constantly went out of her way to make sure that new students felt comfortable.
Eleanorís eyes weíre back on the stacks and stacks of clothing in front of her. She liked clothes and playing dress up but this was pretty terrifying. Looking down at her list she scanned the needed items again before she looked up to meet the shopkeepers kind eyes saying weakly. "Yes, thank you! Iím certain my father can come and buy me house robes from you when Iíve been sorted or my stepmother." Naturally she'd be owling them after the opening feast with all the news of her first day at Hogwarts.

Lifting up a tie she made big eyes at it as she mumbled more to Sebastian than to the shopkeeper "Why does girls have to wear ties too as part of the uniform? Couldnít we just have had a nice shawl instead?" Shaking her head Ellie turned her brown eyes on the shopkeeper again. "Can you help me find everything else I need from a winter cloak to a pointed hat? I donít know where to start looking. Itís my first time here alone without a parent." She liked her independancy, but this was a little scary.

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