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Alice was truly not in the mood as she walked back to her office that evening after having completed her outdoor exercises. That Slytherin had openly defied her order to exercise. Somehow, school rules actually permitted that type of behavior! That would never have stood in Romania or any other place where students were taught to respect their teachers. Alice was going to have to put in a word or two with the headmaster about that.

Walking into her office, it was not immediately apparent what had happened. It was not until after she had folded up her winter jacket and turned towards where her desk was supposed to be.

Only it wasnn't. Her desk was gone. Even worse, all her belongings were just scattered uncerominously on the floor. Her fruit bowl, tea cup (which was smashed), graded papers, ink, and quills were all over the place.

Eyes bulging in pure rage, she screamed out a string of horrifying swear words. She then swerved towards the wall to make certain her charts were still there. They were, but that did little to dissuade her rage.

"Little Brats!!!" she growled as she handpicked her belongings one by one, still muttering offensive curses under her breath. Her lack of magic skills meant she couldn't just fix everything with a wand.

A student was going to pay dearly for this. Alice did not know who it was, but whoever it was would be expelled. She would make sure of it, if it was the last thing she did at Hogwarts!
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