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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
She appreciated that about him. While his bedside manners weren't exactly the best (far from it), he tried and for that, she would be forever grateful. Most people just turned the other way. She was a stranger, and yet he stopped. It took slight prompting and a few dramatic sighs, but in the end he helped. He didn't even know her and he did that. That's how she knew he was good. He was one of the good ones. And the fact of the matter was that she probably would be a crying Nina some more... Let's face it, she's been a crying Nina a lot lately. And when it happens this next time around, she probably would seek him out. On purpose.

Which was perhaps more telling than anything else she could do or say. Because typically, she wouldn't want ANYONE seeing her in that state. With mascara running down her cheeks, looking as if she was an absolute mess, life falling apart. She liked people to think she had it together. She was one of those. But did secretly envy those who felt comfortable enough to be messy and confused in public. Like Drewet!

Being confused is in his nature. It was actually very admirable and far from anything Nina would ever let happen to herself. Besides, there was a difference between faking a lack of intelligence and straight up digging yourself into holes.

"It wouldn't be weird if you were," incase he needed to hear that. She didn't think he did.... But now Nina Castillo wasn't entirely sure? Had she really missed the signs this whole time!? Please. No. For the love of lipgloss, please no. "Assumptions are dangerous things to make," she said knowingly. She gave him her classic eye roll, meant to be far more playful than it was to be mean. His question was ridiculous and she was sure he knew it. "No." She attempted to keep a straight face, but her eyes were an absolute giveaway.
That was the most he could offer, really. His efforts. And Drewett could only hope that, despite his terrible skills at comforting people, his presence would be enough even if he knew that it wasn't. So the concept of her seeking him out whenever her dorm mates were being mean wouldn't come unsurprised. He'd tried telling Eloise to chill but honestly, not even a professor could stop that redhead. Drewett has had his fair share of Eloise shenanigans in the previous term so he understood. It was perfectly fine to not have it together.

And, for the record, Drewett quite found his messiness as inconvenient. Like now, for instance. He knew he unconsciously brought this upon himself, and he was already mildly twitching. Being oblivious wasn't something worth applauding for, Nina Castillo.

"I-I know, but I d-don't." To be clear. He'd heard stuff about him and Hudson. It was just... no. Really. Two boys can be good friends only, alright? "I'm aware... I'm sorry th-that I assumed. You still weren't b-being specific, though... so will you be specific?" He half smiled. So there was that, but he hoped she wouldn't push more on this subject because he hated digging deeper into holes.

......No? Drewett blinked. He could tell she was joking but he was also very good at acting clueless. It was only fun when he wanted to be clueless..

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