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Indigo smiled when Presley took his hand. He was still a little anxious about the whole holding hands in public thing. But what wasn't Indigo anxious about? And he was always more happy to be holding Presley's hand than not holding his hand.

He moved close to his boyfriend as he continued to admire the cloak. Indigo, on the other hand, was admiring Presley more than the cloak. He just loved how passionate he was. He could stand there all day just listening to him talk about fashion. "Maybe you could try it on?" He suggested quietly. If they weren't standing so close, his voice probably would have been drowned out in the business of the store. But he had a feeling that Presley would have no problem hearing him. "Just to... see how it looks?"

And then the shopkeeper approached them. Why was Presley looking at him like that? What did he think Indigo could do about this? Because Indigo was so great at talking to people? Indigo locked up around strangers too. If anyone should be able to handle this one it should be Presley. Considering where they were they probably had at least some shared interest in fashion and robes and such. So he returned Presley's look with a helpless one of his own and a glance at the shopkeeper. "I, um, think we were just looking."
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