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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Then it was a rather good thing that he didn't have the coffee in his hand at that precise moment. He also didn't mind if people got the wrong impression of their friendship. What was a friendship without blurring the lines, anyway? His offers still stood. For the record.

"That can be arranged," he assured her. Never enough coffee for them both to be completely satisfied. Yes. Truer words have never been spoken. "Call it fate," he took a sip of his newly acquired cup.


Uh. What? He almost spat the coffee straight out of his mouth, but he didn't because he was a professional! "Close my eyes? What, just show me." Why would he close his eyes? Then he couldn't properly drink this coffee. And then it would go COLD. You know what was worse than cold coffee? NOT MANY THINGS!!!!!!!! They had been over this. Even we have been over this.
Those offers were too good to be true. Mixing business and pleasure was... what she'd pushed for with every male she'd gotten close at work with. But to have it offered back was enough to unsettle the department head. So, she'd stick with using one anothers offices for naps, coffee breaks and shoulder rubs when the day was stressful. For now. Draperidge (which, yes, she did call them out loud) was good as it was. Besides, James wasn't Rusty. He'd never be Rusty and he'd never be Maddox. And he was readily available..........which was a red flag, obviously.

"James, I don't believe in fate when you are concerned." She tutted, opening her jacket to reveal sachets of sugar and sweetener. He was welcome to them. Sure, Eliora rustled when she moved or when she walked, but it was mainly for when she was out of her office and away from level three and their coffee machines.

Mum voice on. "I said close your bloody eyes, James Draper."

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