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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
She liked that he was a blushing mess. It was a good look on him. However, she wouldn't say these nice things without warrant, as it would mean admitting to thinking these thoughts without any solicitation. And while Nina Castillo very much cared about what others thought of her, she also did not want to give out compliments willy nilly. It would make her too much like Juliette. Someone who, while very beautiful, ought to withhold some of her sunshine, lest it drain her entirely dry.

AnD FOr the record, she looks at that time (re: that time she used his shirt as her snot wipe) VERY fondly. It was the first time they met. The first person she connected with. The first person who would unwillingly give her his shirt to use as a snot wipe. That time spoke highly of his character and she wouldn't change it for the world. And yes, she did notice his shirt. She payed a lot of attention to stylistic choices. His, by the way, were improving. But this wasn't the point, the point was that Drewett Slinkhard was asking for Nina's opinion. "Oh," the girl gave him a surprised sort of look. She was... confused? It made her go silent in thought for a moment, as if to decide whether she did find anything interesting. But really, it was in deciding whether or not to admit that she didn't.

"I like looking at the pictures," was the answer she decided to go with. A) It wasn't a complete lie B) It wasn't a complete truth. Her gaze followed his paper bag with curiosity, giving him a tilt of her head when they made eye contact again. "My mother had to meet a client in London, she thought it would be nice for me to visit with friends." But Nina didn't have friends, so she was visiting a bench instead. "What's in your bag?" she grinned curiously, her legs swinging freely beneath her.
While he could remember clearly how she used his shirt as a snot wipe and how mildly horrified he had been on that moment, Drewett wouldn't change things either because it started their friendship. That alone was enough reason to not want to trade that day for anything. He did not regret it,. Having to stand beside her while her legs had been wobbly that day, or letting her meet his owl, Pietro, which wasn't exactly a friendly introduction but at least owl bites were avoided.

And truth be told, this Ravenclaw actually did value her opinion. Why shouldn't her opinion matter? Drewett wouldn't have an answer to that question. He could, however, hear in his head Eviloise's possible answers and he didn't want to entertain that. He liked Nina, and he only wished the people who didn't like her gave her a chance. Oh, and fashion-related praise is all thanks to one Jolie Chosen, by the way. Drewett appreciated each and every one of his Slytherin friends. Wasn't that obvious?

.......Pictures. Drewett tried to mask his confusion with a small curl of his lips. A little smile. He wanted to question her answer, but he knew enough to not push someone to share more than they wanted to. He respected that. "P-Pictures of......boys?" It was literally the first one that popped in his mind. Girls liked looking at boys, didn't they? He momentarily forgot that he was a boy himself and, if only he realized what he said, this would have been awkward. "Oh, this?" He raised the paper bag a few inches off the floor, his other hand ruffling his hair. "New t-trousers. I outgrew my old ones."

Unfortunately. On top of that, growing pains sucked.
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