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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post

Daphne had a day off, and whenever she had a day off, she wanted to spend it with her baby girl. It still had only seemed like yesterday that Penelope was born, but now she was already three years old. Walking, babbling on about her toy bunnies, and basically an adult. She really had a mind of her own, now. Which was fun, but also... slightly irritating at times. She was definitely her mother's daughter.

After gathering a few things from a couple shops, Daphne pushed her stroller down the alley, only to stop it part way because Penelope had started throwing a fit about wanting to walk.

"Alright, alright, calm down. I'll let you out." Stopping her stroller near the bench where another mother sat, Daphne went around unbuckled Penelope from her seat. But then Penelope was distracted by the baby boy sat on the lap of the woman on the bench... and was staring.
Tessa had really picked up cooing at the small child in Russian thanks to the husband. Her poor child was probably not going to be aware that he's bilingual for awhile. Her husband really only spoke English when she was around, but she'd been practicing Russian for the past few years. This was incredibly useful for when she wanted to spy on super sappy daddy talk. It was adorable and worth spying on.

So adorable in fact, she now found herself doing that exact thing. She was going on about how much she loved her little baby boy and how precious he was.
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