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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post

"Punk rock," Nettie replied with a grin. "Some of my favorites are The Offspring, Green Day, Guns 'n' Roses, and then classics like Queen, you know...the good stuff," she explained. She could talk about old Muggle music for years, honestly. "I'll listen to ANYTHING though. Music is just...amazing," she said with a happy sigh. Music was her happy place. It always had been.

She listened to Eloise talk about her summer in interest, and then her mouth fell open in a little shock before she giggled. "Wait, boys?! SPANISH boys?! What happened? Tell me EVERYTHING!" she exclaimed. She NEVER had boy talk with Eloise! Because honestly, up until now they probably would have only talked about HER boys, and that was selfish of her. Although she was sure Eloise would be able to troll Eiji for hours if she let her.

She paused for a moment and threw a smile at the shopkeeper. "I'm good, thanks!" she replied. Browsing was one of her favorite parts of this shop, to be honest, and if it weren't for the fact that Eloise had just dropped some BOY INFO on her she probably would have asked for some recommendations but alas. Priorities.
To tell that truth Eloise was impressed by her musical tastes and really anything wrock here from Agro to Disorder she would enjoy but Eloise was thinking a tiny bit out of the box here and pointed to a record from Melanie Sung. And picking up it to show her and maybe she should have led off with the boys.

"Well they were primarily after my sister but I did get them to talk to me." Yep Yep, a big effort was needed because she is only 14 and well only looks kinda like her sister because of red hair. "Their abs were amazing and because I said we were lost they invited us to the beach where one taught me some Spanish words that are rather dirty but fun to say and then just kept eyeing my sister. *sigh* But they were nice"

Well, talk about awkward when talking about the exact opposite of music the shopkeeper is here asking them if they need help. Ah, well about that... even tho she was looking for Disorder of the Phoenix's older stuff it was not the right time

"Good also, thanks tho"

Please go.

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