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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Typically, Eliora spent this time of the day in her office or checking in on her employees that weren't out in the field. Not today, though. She had just sat through a meeting for two hours and needed to stretch her legs out and find another department to hide in for a twenty minute nap. While she loved her job and was still revelling in the new responsibilities as Department Head.. she couldn't quite manage to be excited about sitting in with the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee meetings. Holding a position on the committee was all well and good when they talked for two hours about the boring things.

So, with five cups of coffee following behind her and a notepad of doodles she had done during the meeting, Eli waited for the first lift available.

She had fallen in beside workbae James with a grin and gestured behind her to the coffee. "Go ahead. You know you want one." And he also knew that she'd let him have one.
The more time he wasted waiting for an elevator, the more opportunity there was in running into someone he did not care about. Which wasn't innately horrible (it was), but it would mean having to make small talk. The only thing worse than small talk was cold coffee.

Speaking of coffee.

James greeted Eliora with a SMALL grin lest anyone else walk upon them and find out that he could ACTUALLY be pleasant. He kept his gaze on her, but silently counted the cups trailing behind through his peripheral. Five. Nice. Excessive, but nice. Two words he'd use if asked to describe Eliora, actually. "You're sure you'll have enough for yourself?" he teased, before reaching out and taking a cup for himself. Of course he wanted one. Had she not offered, he would have taken one anyway. Because he knew she wouldn't have a problem with it. He was James Draper. He could be an exception.

And had his lift arrived? Yes approximately a minute ago. But he was with company now and Eliora was one of the few worth giving attention to around here. He could take the next one.
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