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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Wrock was more her style but Vesper was part of TDK so it fit. Wrock on Wrock. And what kind of muggle music since well there were differences but not much in Eloise's opinion.

"Like what pop, hip hop or just normal rock?"

Oh summer, her mind went start to Spain and getting lost with her sister and meeting boys there.

"Well i did start the summer going to Spain with Vivi and we got majorly lost and I meet some Spanish boys and have to say my accent improve talking to them and well they help us get unlost and well went to the beach with them...."

She blushed a little at the last part picking up a random glitter dragon record.
"Punk rock," Nettie replied with a grin. "Some of my favorites are The Offspring, Green Day, Guns 'n' Roses, and then classics like Queen, you know...the good stuff," she explained. She could talk about old Muggle music for years, honestly. "I'll listen to ANYTHING though. Music is just...amazing," she said with a happy sigh. Music was her happy place. It always had been.

She listened to Eloise talk about her summer in interest, and then her mouth fell open in a little shock before she giggled. "Wait, boys?! SPANISH boys?! What happened? Tell me EVERYTHING!" she exclaimed. She NEVER had boy talk with Eloise! Because honestly, up until now they probably would have only talked about HER boys, and that was selfish of her. Although she was sure Eloise would be able to troll Eiji for hours if she let her.

She paused for a moment and threw a smile at the shopkeeper. "I'm good, thanks!" she replied. Browsing was one of her favorite parts of this shop, to be honest, and if it weren't for the fact that Eloise had just dropped some BOY INFO on her she probably would have asked for some recommendations but alas. Priorities.
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