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With her Hogwarts supply list clutched in her left hand the brown haired and eyed thirteen year old girl entered Madam Malkins. She was not at all excited to be buying school clothes today because this was the third school, in as many years that her fathered had enrolled her in. Ellie supposed the only upside was that she didnít need to learn a new foreign language. It did not make up for the fact that she had still lost all her friends. Owling wasnít the same as talking face to face no matter what her father said.

Sighing slightly Ellie made her over to the accessories section first. She would need a whole new set of scarves, gloves, ties and socks. Eyeing the display with all the house coloured stuff she muttered to herself a little irritation seeping into her tone "How am I supposed to pick among all these, when I donít even know what house iíll be sorted into at school?"
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