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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
With a wide smile she began writing the receipt for him. She gathered the set of robes, folding them neatly with a flick of her wand, using it again a piece of twine tied them and floated into a bag. She continued writing while that was going on. Smiling she said, “your total is 14 galleons, 12 sickles. Need anything else darlin’?” Her southern American accent coming through. She tsked herself for using darling when she knew that people around here didn’t like to be called that. She had the bag of robes sitting on the edge of her mahogany make shift register area.
"No, thank you.", Giovanni said, placing the necessary coins on the counter. Oops. He almost forgot that it was his sister Giorgia's birthday in a week. He promised her that he'd buy her a barn owl. He needed to send it to Beauxbatons as well. That costs like 10 galleons, right? He didn't have enough money for the robes, the owl AND the postage. Oh well. Giovanni decided to visit Gringotts before he went to Eeylops to get an owl.
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