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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Selling the importance of plants was something Mariana could do in her sleep and having the chance to promote a new plant, one that could better the lives of people here at the ministry, was an assignment she was happy to carry out. Plus it meant checking out a division of the ministry she didn't usually set foot in, which was cool. Merlin knew the brunette liked to explore.

Tapping the blue dot on the empty desk she was currently standing in front of, the botanist looked around while she waited for the department head to make her entrance.
Days were moving too quickly now and Victoria felt like she was all over the place. She trusted her staff and knew they were doing a brilliant job, plus everything with the cup was coming together nicely, but that didn't stop her from doing what she did best, stressing. She would stress until it was all over and then she was headed on Vacation. She had something planned that would be tropical if the girls wanted to go before school started up again.

With a stack of papers in her hands, she headed back to her desk but soon realized her desk wasn't sitting here alone as she had left it. "Hello, hope I didn't keep you waiting." She hated to make people wait, but she didn't remember any sort of meeting she had, so maybe it was just a spontaneous meeting or something was wrong somewhere else in the ministry.

"Can I help you?"
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