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Colin walked by the noticeboard. He moved a few job postings off to the side and hung up a full sized sheet of paper.

Cursebreaker Social Hour
Saturday the Fourth of October, 2098
6:30 PM

Come and Network With Fellow Cursebreakers.
(Recruiters and Students are Also Invited to Attend.)
Those actively searching for
freelance work or permanent Gringotts Employment
are encouraged to bring in copies of their CV.

He then scribbled on the poster a few comments.

Dress Code: Please show up dressed.
Light refreshments will be provided.

He took a step back. Yup. Good enough.

ooc info: Estimated start time is May 12th. Any cursebreaker charries, post-hogwarts level students, charries from related fields, those looking to hire cursebreakers are welcome. DA rules apply. Please make sure your characters are listed on your bio. Any other questions, feel free to hit me up!
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