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Text Cut: Beatrice
Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
Beezus Beatrice was on a mission, one she deemed pleasantly important. So as soon as she got her own work things sorted out, she immediately padded over to Level 5 and asked to see the Department Head. Owing to her frequent overseas assignments, she had never really interacted with the man before but she was optimistic that he wasn't going to turn down her offer. And if he did, well, she would just have to get more persuasive.

Absently drumming her fingers against her thigh as she stood outside his door, the brunette patiently waited to be let in.

Still holding his traveling cloak and silently wishing and hoping that a pot of tea and a plate of crumpets were going to magically appear on his desk, Conley approached his office. Where he found a young lady waiting outside it. He didn't recognize her, but that didn't surprise him. She was probably from a different department. The Ministry, after all, was big and employed a lot of people. ”Morning,” he said cordially. ”Something I could help you with?” he asked as he reached forward and opened the door to the office. He motioned her inside, then followed her through.

He shook out his cloak before hanging it up, then took a moment to check his hair in the mirror that was hung by the coat rack before walking behind his desk which was covered with papers and unread owl posts. He sighed internally, wondering once again why he had taken this job. Sometimes, he missed the simplicity of fieldwork.
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