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Originally Posted by Pavel Torben View Post
Pavel stood in front of the supplies shelves eyeing the beater bats on display with want in his eyes and was about to pick one down to examine it when he was distracted by a voice. Casting a glance over his left shoulder at the man that owned the voice he nodded in recognition. "Mr MacKenzie, howís it going?" Pavel wasnít exactly very acquainted with the elder man but he knew that MacKenzie had a familial relation to his captain Cynthia.,

Gesturing to the beater batís on the shelves Pavel shrugged. "Both I suppose. You know Cynthia would never willingly admit to anyone that she needís a new bat, but Iíd like to be prepared. Our next match against Portugal will most likely be fierce."

Taking down a bat to examine it further, Pavel raised his gaze to look at Colin "So what bringís you here Mr MacKenzie just browsing or buying?"
Colin flashed the young man the classic 'Hot Scot' MacKenzie smile the instant he responded. "I'm doin' just fine, thank ye. How about yeself?" Just looking at Pavel, he could only assume that the man was doing well. Arguably great, considering how well England was performing so far in the World Cup.

MacKenzie let out a hearty chuckle when it was mentioned that Cynthia would never admit to needing a new bat. "Aye. Right ye are about that. A proud lassie, she is, that one. But a new bat ne'er hurt anyone. Better to have a new one rather than en' up havin' one snap on ye in the middle of a match," he responded, nodding his head in agreement. "An' Portugal, aye, tha' lot can get pretty feisty."

When he was asked whether he was browsing or buying, Colin help up a team jersey that he had at hand. "Buyin' fer my grandson. Got myself a wee Quidditch star in th' makin'. Thinkin' about gettin' him a trainin' broom today."

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