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Originally Posted by Bumblebee View Post
Ami looked over at him with a sweet lopsided smile and nodded. "I won't let you fall, Vic." She said in a calm tone, the red would catch him in an instant no matter which direction he'd be.

Amidala slowly steered towards the top of building. "I will definitely have to get me copy, then." A smile grew on her as the gentle breeze caressed her face. Ah, very soothing. Amidala giggled at his comment relating to the many birthdays she is less likely to forget, "Good point."

Alas reaching the top of the building after what felt like an eternity, she parked at decent stop and hovered for a bit as she stepped off the broom. "About time." She quickly released her luscious red locks from the princess bun. "How was the ride?" She looked over at him, followed by working on removing them, now, unnecessary climbing equipment.

He held on as they moved to the top of the building. This way was so much faster and he didn't know why they didn't start out with this, they could have easily been up here so long ago.

Carefully not to fall as he got down, he had enough of making an idiot of himself this evening, he turned and gave her a smile, "This was much better. Here let me help you." Walking over he started to help her take the equipment off and put it over to the side so they wouldn't trip before starting to take off his own. "That was fun, but I don't wish to ever try to climb a wall again." Laughing at his own weakness, because if he couldn't laugh at it who could?

Turning to the view he stopped and stared, this was breathtaking now that they were up there and automatically his small camera that had been in his pocket was out. Remembering he wasn't there for the pictures, he looked back to his date, "I think we have a picnic waiting on us."
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