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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
“To be so loved.”

“Fairly decently,” Simon remarked positively before admitting that “Nothing of note,” was up since the fireworks. But then he wasn’t sure he was being told everything. The auror duo guarding the senior undersecretary hadn’t been revealed to him right away after all despite the fact that his department was responsible for the security of the building and its employees. And it still bugged him a little.

When paperwork was being pulled out, Victoria just proved why she was one of his favorite department heads. Willing to work with him and actually making his job easier at times. Simon accepting the lists with a nod, gazing at them as the woman explained her thoughts on the matter. “Very well,” he said with a nod at the number of stadiums and dates in the mix, mentally calculating and hoping he had enough for adequate coverage with the added manpower.

“Yes…always someone with a problem with something.” But then if there wasn’t troublemakers, he and his whole department wouldn’t really have a job. “That’s too bad,” he sympathized with the woman. That would have no doubt made it more fun for the woman to be watching and supporting her son rather than just the teams in general. And for him, he would have at least known of one of the players. It was a sign of the passing of time that the current rosters were no longer filled with players he had competed against or taught in his Hogwarts years.
She just chuckled at his to be so loved comment, Simon was such a funny guy. Glad to hear that nothing at least seemed too urgent or dangerous going on at the moment. "Quiet is good though, at least I hope it is." No news is good news type of thing, but maybe that didn't work that way in MLE, maybe no news was suspicious or something. She wasn't sure exactly, but she smiled and nodded none the less.

Handing over the papers and watching Simon do his job made Victoria feel a little more comfortable, she trusted him and the entire team to keep everyone safe and the fact that he was in agreement with everything was a great thing too, no need to have to show her points or feel like she didn't know what she was talking about.

"Ah, well it is what it is, not every team can win and many will lose. It's a good experience either way and I think he was happy to be back in Australia, even for a little bit. He never was all that accepting when we first moved here, I was happy, but surprised when he and his wife had moved back here to be closer to family. Once he moved back there I didn't ever see him coming to England again." She was so glad to have him close though, but she'd never fully say that because she wanted all her children to make their own choices without worrying about their mother.

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