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Default Fantastic Beast Elimination v.4

Welcome to the fourth version of Fantastic Beast Elimination!

This is yet another Harry Potter-themed elimination game here on SS. You surely know the rules by now: copy the list from the post above you and add 1 point to your favourite character (please bold or add the + sign for the character you choose) and take away 1 point from another (please italicize or add the - sign for the character you choose). When an option loses all of its points, remove it from the list and keep on playing. Keep in mind that other members may be posting the same time you are. If someone posts seconds before you, please edit your post so the numbers stay correct. The numbers should always total 500 points. For the remainder of this round, the numbers should always total 490 points.

Here are the previous elimination winners:
Round 1's Winner: Phoenix
Round 2's Winner: Dragon
Round 3's Winner: Thestral
Round 4's Winner: TBD
Here are the current elimination creatures:
10 Acromantula
10 Ashwinder
10 Banshee
10 Basilisk
10 Billywig
10 Boggart
10 Centaur
10 Chimaera
10 Crup
10 Dementor
10 Doxy
10 Dugbog
10 Erkling
10 Fairy
10 Fire crab
10 Flobberworm
10 Fwooper
10 Ghoul
10 Gnome
10 Griffin
10 Grindylow
10 Hippogriff
10 Imp
10 Jarvey
10 Jobberknoll
10 Kappa
10 Kneazle
10 Leprechaun
10 Lethifold
10 Manticore
10 Merpeople
10 Niffler
10 Nundu
10 Occamy
10 Owl
10 Pixie
10 Puffskein
10 Pygmy Puff
10 Red cap
10 Runespoor
10 Salamander
10 Snidget
10 Sphinx
10 Thunderbird
10 Troll
10 Unicorn
10 Vampire
10 Veela
10 Werewolf
10 Yeti
Are you ready to play? Let's begin!
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