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Hey Guys, back again for the next chapter. This is the last chapter in this story line, but like always, the story goes on where it ended here. I hope you all like it. I hope nobody is upset but this chapter is shorter than normal. Love ya all bunches.

Chapter 6

Harry’s Incredible Story Has The Best Ending He Could Hope For

Harry frowned at Ron’s lack of faith in him and disappeared without another word. When Harry and Hugo appeared in the stable Hugo was exhilarated with his uncle’s magic. He adjusted the coat Harry put on him as they left the house. “How did you do that; what was that?! We were moving around in the house but everyone else wasn’t moving at all.”

“Winky, Marston?” said Harry. Harry barely finished saying the elves’ names when they appeared. They were so happy they jumped up and down with excitement. They looked like children who had just received everything they wanted for Christmas.

Harry chuckled and hugged them both to him. After explaining where they had taken all the elves and animals they asked if Harry was ready for them to bring them all back home. Upon Harry telling them he was ready they left and began showing up with more elves and animals. Harry lifted Hugo up and sat him on a grain bin. He heaved himself effortlessly up beside his nephew and said, “While I was in the future I learned how to move through time with it standing still. Now I can appear anywhere without having to Skry first to make sure the place I want to go to isn’t already occupied. We needed our coats so I used this method of traveling to be able to grab them as we went by them. This is how I escaped from the man who captured me.”

“So is time still standing still for them at the house?”

“No buddy, they resumed normal time after we left, and it was only a minuscule fraction of a second that was disrupted.” Harry watched the elves and animals coming back and then finally when Chevron came back he jumped down exuberantly only making sure he stayed off his busted ankle. Hugo tried to jump down like Harry did and lost his balance. He overcompensated and side stepped into Harry throwing him off balance since he was still on one foot. He groaned but recovered his balance quickly. Hugo felt awful and kept saying he was sorry. Harry said, “I’m sure you didn’t do this on purpose; let’s just have a look calmly and see what is going on with it.” Harry pulled up his pant leg and magiced off his boot and sock. They both looked at it and Hugo became extremely agitated. “Uncle Harry it looks awful, will it need to be cut off?”

Harry put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and with a very assuring tone told him he would be fine if they kept their heads about them. “I feel like my foot is getting hot and wet; yet there isn’t any blood on the outside. That means we can assume that I’ve ruptured an artery. I need to get the internal bleeding stopped. I’m sorry this isn’t as fun for you as you were hoping, Buddy. I’ll make it up to you.”

Hugo seemed to have snapped out of his anxiety and said he was having the best time just being with him. “I can help fix your ankle if you tell me how. Harry calmly told him what to do and then applied pressure where Harry told him to and then wrapped his ankle. He winked at Hugo and thanked him for doing exactly like he told him. “You are just like your dad. He’s had to save me loads of times. I always told him what to do and he did exactly as I said. Sometimes he had to go it all alone and he never killed me, not even once.” Harry grinned at Hugo and the boy laughed at his joke. Harry told him about some of the times that his dad had to save him and how calm he stayed. He stroked Chevron several times and said he’d be back down to see him when his ankle was better. He took Hugo’s hand and went back the same way they left. When they got inside the house time stopped for everyone and Harry hung up their coats and moved over to his chair and sat down and Hugo sat on the arm of the chair. Then normal time fazed back and Ron turned bright red in the face.

“You yell at me for not using the door, but you are above your own rules. Not fair, Harry, not fair at all that you just appear in a room full of people, but everyone else has to use the door.” Hugo was talking over his dad telling Carson his uncle needs help. “He said he ruptured an artery and needed to stop the bleeding. I think I stopped it; he told me what to do, but he still needs help.”

Harry’s head was lulled over onto his shoulder and his eyes were closed. He was unconscious. Carson hurried over to him and asked what happened. Hugo told him and the doctor began working on Harry’s ankle.

Hugo went to his dad and sat down beside him. Uncle Harry told me what to do and he said I was just like you. He said you saved him loads of times and you always stayed calm and did what he said even under dire circumstances. Is Lily here yet? Uncle Harry said I could tell her about what happened to him as long as I didn’t let it scare her. I said I would lose my mind trying to keep that secret if I couldn’t tell her. He said to just be careful and keep an eye on her while I tell her and if she starts getting scared to stop and say he was fine now that he was home with his family and friends and she can talk to him. He misses John something fierce. He wished he could have been here when he got back. And Daddy, it’s the coolest thing in the world! We was moving like normal but everyone was not moving at all. He learned how to stop time except for around him. That’s how we left and came back. We could see where people were and just moved around them. And it didn’t even use a fraction of a second. He said it's how he always travels now so he can make sure the spot he wants to appear at is empty without having to Skry first.”

Ron grinned at his son’s enthusiasm and when Hugo finally stopped talking to catch his breath he said he was glad he went with Harry and was able to help him. “I wonder if something else is wrong with him though. I’ve seen him hurt way worse than this and not cause him to pass out.”

Hugo said, “He uses a lot of energy and he’s exhausted and he’s really quite hungry. And you should see Winky and all of them; and the animals. They’re all glowing like really eerie but way cool.”

Harry woke up and stared ahead for a minute before he spoke in a very quiet voice. “I appreciate you letting Hugo go with me; he was a big help fixing my ankle and he was good company.”

Ron said, “Look mate, I was way out of line.”

Harry looked at him and waited as if he thought Ron was going to say something else, but since he didn’t Harry just nodded his head and then gave his attention to Ginny. “Has anyone called Minerva to ask her to tell the boys I’m home and okay?”

Ginny jumped and said she’d do that right then. She felt guilty for not thinking of them and apologized to him for it but Harry just smiled sweetly at her and said he didn’t hold it against her for not thinking of it.

After Ginny was done talking to the Head Mistress of Hogwarts Harry mentioned that Banner wasn’t with Winky and he wondered where the puppy was at.”

“I sent him with Lily so he could be with familiar people. I didn’t know where Winky was taking the animals and just felt better with him being with Lily.”

Harry said, “That was good thinking. Chevron looked pretty wild in the eyes when he got back.”

Rodney spoke up and said, “So did you, Harry. You still have that look too. You’re actually pretty scary looking and you act just as scary too.”

Harry grinned and said it was just his imagination. Before anyone could say anything; the Weasley’s, Lily, and Banner came out of the fireplace. Harry became tense when the fireplace turned green and stood prepared to overtake any intruder. Lily drew in her breath sharply and ran to hide behind Jack since he was closest. Arthur and Molly weren’t quite as dramatic but they were obviously taken aback with how different their son-in-law looked; formidable.

Ginny held out her hand to Lily and said, “Come say hi to Daddy; he’s been anxious to see you.”

Lily moved cautiously to Ginny, starring at Harry the whole time. Harry sat down so he wasn’t so scary looking to her. He swallowed and slowly held out his hand to her. A smile lit to his face and his eyes began to twinkle when she reluctantly took his hand. When she saw his smile and his twinkling eyes she smiled big and sat on his lap and began talking about Charlie and the dragons he had captured. Banner tried several times to climb up to Harry’s lap until Lily absentmindedly picked him up and sat him beside her on Harry’s lap. He stood up against Harry’s chest and began licking his face. This moved Harry tremendously and he hugged the puppy while he scratched him behind the ears. Banner wasn’t shy or afraid of Harry. He knew him right off and was excited to see him. It seemed to Harry that the reaction from people ever since he got home was to question if it really was him.

Too soon Lily finished talking about Charlie and the dragons and wanted to know about her daddy fighting the Giant and why it took so long to do it. And then quite suddenly the question, “Why did you let us think you were dead?” popped out of her mouth. “There were pictures of the fight scene, your arm and leg, an ear; a piece of your skin and lots of blood; broken trees and smashed boulders. It was horrific, and it was all over the news that the Giant killed you and the rest of your body hadn’t been found yet.”

Charlie said that the methane gas that was discovered was more than likely from the Giant. He said that their,” she stopped talking and whispered the next word; “farts” contain large amounts of methane gas and probably made you too sick to defend yourself properly. And that if it was living in a cave then that is why we had to evacuate out of our home. But he didn’t understand why they would have to burn down our house and everything even the grass.”

Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing and wasn’t able to say anything for a few tense seconds. He looked at Ginny and saw she was just as shocked as he was. Arthur spoke up apologetically saying, “I knew it was a mistake to let her and Charlie’s neighbor boy, whose name also happens to be Charlie, spend so much time together.”

Hugo said, “Come on Lily, I’ll explain everything except you have to let me know if it’s too scary for you.”

Lily kissed her dad and said, “I’m so glad you’re back, Daddy; even though you look really mean and dangerous.”

Hugo said, “I think he looks cool.”

The two kids ran off to have a talk and Harry stood up and hugged his mother and father-in-law. “Thanks for keeping Lily for us. I hope she wasn’t too much of a handful. Come in and sit with us. Are you hungry? Teyla and Sam fixed a super dinner.”

Ginny went to the kitchen to get the leftovers out and she and her mom made plates for her and Arthur. Ginny took Harry’s plate he barely touched and warmed it up and took it to him with a glass of chocolate milk.

“Thanks Honey! You didn’t have to do this for me. Thank you though; I really appreciate it.”

He ate quietly and listened to the conversation going around the room. He looked at Jack and used Legilimency to tell him he needed to talk to him as soon as they were alone.” The evening went on forever it seemed to Harry.

Finally Hermione said, “We need to be going. Harry, we’re all glad you’re back and safe. Since this was a work related injury, take as much time as Carson says you need before you return to work. Also, since the nature of the Giant is classified then I can’t order a psyche evaluation; especially since I don’t know of anyone who could possibly understand what you’ve been through and be able to council you. But promise me that if you can’t wrap your mind around it then maybe ask Carson if the military has someone you can talk to.”

Harry nodded his head and thanked her. Soon after that everyone was gone and Lily was in bed. Harry walked around working his stiff muscles. He sat down deep in thought and then spoke to Jack. “After I was able to get my bearings in the lab in Alaska, I was able to accumulate some vital information when the scientist Sturgis Altimore played his mind games on me. I fooled him into taking me to Atlantis where he said he got his information. I didn’t realize though that it was the original planet Atlantis settled on thousands of years ago. I had been there before, but wasn't thinking about it when I tricked him. I escaped from him and found all the information on the Replicators they made. Much of what you know about them is completely false. That is why Rodney’s brilliant plans never work at first. The Replicators that were built after the original ones were defective because their coding was slightly altered to cover the tracks of the scientist who invented them in the first place. This alteration was not in the blueprints thereby leaving out a very important part of their coding. It was the part that would allow them to ascend. Since that was removed from them, it also changed many aspects of their coding; one in particular was a very important function that was totally overlooked. It was the ability to have compassion on humans and never attack them. Since the elder Ancients didn’t want the Replicators to ascend they ordered the destruction of the Replicators when it became apparent that the alteration caused them to attack humans instead of just the Wraith. I put that alteration back in the Giant and it then self destructed when I gave it an impossible command to follow. The only thing was it took several minutes for it to completely upload the new directives in the coding since it wasn’t sleeping and I had to fight it.”

Harry sat back and rubbed his face wearily and then continued with what was on his mind. Although Rodney was near bursting with questions Jack gave him a warning look that made him sit back like a spoiled child. Jack knew Harry hadn’t gotten to the part that was important for him to know. Harry took a deep breath and said, “I was recaptured and escaped many times as I have already mentioned. The last time I escaped I found the coordinates of Elizabeth Weir and her fellow Replicators. I took them to an underground cave on a secret planet deep in a tiny Galaxy that Rodney will officially discover in three weeks from today. I put the coordinates on the thumb drive I gave him. I know she means a lot to all of you; and John still can’t stand that she was left the way she was. If you will allow them to have the original coding installed then their consciences will be able to ascend to a higher plain of existence, because they will no longer be machines, but human. Their bodies are in a stasis chamber so they don’t continue to decay from the harsh elements of space and so they can begin to repair themselves. When they come out of stasis they will have new bodies and they will no longer be replicators in any way because I programmed their codes to destroy all nanites or they would not be able to awaken. This will all take place when Rodney discovers the new galaxy. After I moved them and set them up in stasis I came back here and you know the rest about killing the Giant and Scientist. If I’m alive then I’ll go to Atlantis on that day in three weeks in case you need me. I put up a sentinel to guard the way there and the password will be written in my handwritten report I'll give you. I’m really hoping Ginny and Lily can come with me. Of course Lily will have her schoolwork to do, but she seems to be able to work there without distraction.”

Rodney didn’t know whether to be excited he gets to discover a galaxy or be upset that Harry discovered it but is letting him take the credit for it. “So what do I name this galaxy I discover?”

Harry looked at the proud man and said, “Name it whatever you want, Rodney, I really don’t care.”

“I don’t like taking credit for something I didn’t do, or find in this case. Just go ahead and make the discovery yourself.”

Harry was on the verge of losing his patience and said, “Don’t be childish, Rodney. What proof would I have for such an outlandish discovery? I’m sure my telescope I have in our bedroom wouldn’t quite be able to reach that galaxy. If you don’t want to have the credit, let Zelenka make the discovery.”

Rodney backtracked and said, “Well, okay, I’ll do it, but I don’t like it.”

Jack stood up and said, “Well, kids we need to get home. Harry, Ginny, thanks for a wonderful dinner, and Harry, thanks for the information you gave us. I am curious; if you’ll allow me one question: Why did you take the time to go get Elizabeth and the others? Surely she wasn’t on your mind enough to feel like you needed to go rescue them.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “When I was in the hands of the enemy one of the many times; he said that he needed to get some useful information, very valuable information that was just wasting away in space. I remembered John telling me about the horrible situation that led to alienating Elizabeth and the others. I knew I had to get to them before Altimore did. And this already took place before Altimore fell into his machine and was destroyed. And I can only say he was killed because logic demands that he could not survive what happened, but with his mind and brilliance, it would be foolish to believe with certainty that he is dead.”

“Okay, that explains it then. We’ll go ahead and take off and you two can go on to bed. We’ll see you later.”

After everyone was gone, Harry looked around the living room and then to his wife and said, “It’s so good to be home. Do you think you and Lily can come to Atlantis with me when I go back in three weeks? I don’t think I can be apart from you for a while. I may look fine, but I’m far from it inside.” She didn’t answer him so he gently took her hand and looked her deep in the eyes. “I didn’t realize that I look so wild and scary. I completely understand if you want me to sleep in the guest room until-”

Ginny said, “I will happily join you when you go to Atlantis, and Lily will be fine doing her schoolwork there as well. Also; you will be sleeping in our room and in our bed with me. And I hope you’re not too tired, because there might not be a lot of sleeping. You can take a nap tomorrow if you get sleepy from making love all night long.
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