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World Cup Coming to England

April, 2098
by: Jordan Thomas

Ever since our last time hosting in 2070, everyone has been waiting for the Quidditch World Cup to come back to England and now, FINALLY, the wait is over. 2098 is OUR year and with news hitting the public late December, early January the World Cup buzz has been the hot topic around Diagon Alley: questions about the stadium, which players, and which teams will be playing against each other have taken over. Well, we have all the information you have been waiting for right here.

Four years ago the Department of Magical Games and Sports were told that they had earned the bid to host the World Cup right here in England. The first round of games will be played at all professional Quidditch stadiums around Great Britain and Ireland; a detailed schedule will be coming out soon. Magical Games and Sports Department Head Victoria Culloden made a public announcement recently that each country had a set of regulation officers, world scouts, and team managers that come up with their world team's rosters. The teams that make the final 16 are the top-seeded teams in the world. Games starting in early May will consist of: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Syria, Madagascar, England, Armenia, Côte D'Ivoire, Fiji, Bulgaria, Brazil, Jamaica, China, India, and Mexico. The Ministry has announced that all ticket sales for the round 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and the final match will go on sale April 15. They are projecting record sales, so don't wait!

Every business in Diagon Alley and around the Wizarding area is ready for a busy few months, and with all the heavy travel that will be coming to the area, all the shops and lodges are now announcing their sales and events. The Leaky Cauldron was the first to jump on the excitement, announcing they would be holding a raffle to win an all-expense paid stay with all meals included during the World Cup. If that isn't enough, you can find all world team merchandise, fireworks, and robes at your local shops. A full list of shops and events can be found below.

We at the Prophet aren't sure how any young witch or wizard will concentrate on school the next few months, knowing the finals to the world cup are being played. Heck, we aren't even sure how us adults will be focusing on anything else at this point.

Full list of events in Diagon Alley:
  • Leaky Cauldron is already holding a raffle to win 6 night 7-day stay, all meals included, with VIP access to Diagon Alley Quidditch World Cup events for you and a guest.
  • Quality Quidditch Supplies will be hosting a meet in greet of retired, active, and up and coming players.
  • Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes will be having team-colored fireworks
  • Florean's will be having team flavors beginning in May
  • Junk Shop will have many second-hand quidditch items available
  • Scribbulus will be hosting a design your own stationery based on your favorite teams.
  • Olivanders will have toy wands for sale that shoot off your favorite team's colors
  • Madam Malkin's will have all the team apparel you need to cheer on your favorites.
  • Paradise Tattoos will have Team-inspired jewelry & tattoo designs, body paint in team colors
  • Atticus's Attic Music Shop will have a music bundle featuring your favorite players' favorite songs.
  • Florish and Blotts will be having a sale on all Quidditch related books and team-colored journals.

OOC: authorship credit:Bazinga

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