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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
He as glad she seemed to be getting tired as well, he was going to really think poorly of himself and his shape if he couldn't look good in front of his date. Though he did know she was in a field that training was a good thing where he was in a field that you didn't have to be on the top of your game with fitness.

"Is this a test? I mean I'm not going to get arrested for touching your wand will I?" His hand might slip and land on her leg or something and he wasn't going to go to jail for that, though a grin formed on his lips as he let go of the building with one hand and reached over to take her wand from its holster. "Here you go" Handing it off he grabbed onto the wall again.

Oh, she wanted to know more about his family, well he actually had to think about ages. "Let me see, my oldest niece is in her twenties. There was a huge age difference between me and my older sister. Then my other niece by that sister is nineteen, my brother has two children one is 13 and the other is 11, my other sister has one that is 15." Or at least he thought that was their ages, maybe he had it wrong, but it sounded right. "Do you have any nieces or nephews?"

When she turned the topic to books Victor had to think for a bit, "Well I love all books really, I think my favorite is mystery though. Have you ever read the tale of two squibs? That one is probably one of my favorites."
Ami giggled and shook her head, "No you will not." She replied. "Thank you. Lets fly shall we." She took her wand from him and maneuvered herself to accio the broom below. Still holding onto her wand she calculated the time of arrival from the broom and swiftly leaped off the wall, mounting the broom. Once properly situated she tucked her wand back into her holster. The red head was highly trained in these kinds of techniques, most of which she self-taught herself growing up. "Hop on." Ami remained at close range to catch him if needed to.

Ami carefully listened, giving him her undivided attention. "Oh wow, interesting! You have a very large family." Coming from a small family she was impressed at how close his nieces and nephews were in age. "I don't have any nieces or nephews. My only sister is 12." Being the oldest she felt a duty of protecting her baby sister, as long as the red head is alive no one is gonna hurt the young 12 year old. Ever. "I come from a very small family." Her maternal side of the family disowned Ami's mother upon marrying a muggle (Ami's father). It wasn't something she openly spoke about.

Oh so he was a mystery fanatic. A small lopsided smile formed in her lips, she though it was kinda funny in a serendipitous way because she's referred him as her "mystery man/date" before physically meeting him. "No I have not heard of that book. Perhaps I should check it out." She contently nodded.
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