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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Fine was a word often used to mask whatever was really going on inside a person, but Mariana simply nodded and offered January a small smile. The brunette honestly hoped she was fine, because she seemed kind and smart and certainly deserving of a threat-free life.

"I was pretty scared, if I'm being honest. It wasn't your fault, though. You didn't make those fireworks do what they did." So there was absolutely no need to apologize. Mariana munched on a cucumber, remembering the moment she realized something was very wrong. Strangely, it seemed like it was so long ago now that she was here at the ministry, absorbed in her work. "I suppose this is something you've had to prepare for? Being in the position you're in and all." The botanist couldn't imagine having to have aurors on call just in case something like that occurred. It seemed such a strange way to live. "How did your family react when they heard?"
Truthfully, January was fine. She knew she and her family were well protected. If anything, she was just slightly irritated that these people hadn't given up yet. The Ministry was in good hands now - couldn't they tell the difference?

And no, it wasn't her fault, but she still felt bad for the whole incident and was incredibly grateful that no one had gotten hurt. She just wanted to find an end to this all before someone did. So, she gave an appreciative smile to her new friend. As for her next comment... January shrugged slightly. "Actually... no? Or I suppose I was never told to..." It was interesting, really. "I was rather under-qualified, in my opinion, when I was hired. I was a division head in Creatures, and suddenly I was the Minister's Senior Undersecretary. Unfortunately, he didn't even understand the depth of his own position, so I didn't really understand mine. That is, until... things couldn't go on any longer." That was when the impeachment finally happened.

"So, perhaps if I had been hired by a more... legitimate Minister, I would have had more training, but if that were the case, I probably wouldn't have been chased by a dragon." So, yeah... Interesting.

As for her family, they were, unfortunately, getting used to it. "They're always a bit on edge, but they're well looked after too." January was calm about all of it at this point, but she was always a bit tense now. Always looking over her shoulder. Always cautious.

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