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Hey Guys, here we all are again. Thanks for coming for my new chapter. The next chapter will be the last of this story line, but a new story line will begin right where this one leaves off. I love each of you for reading my story that JK made possible for us to write using her incredible original story and characters. Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1 are also amazing stories made into TV shows. If you ever have questions please ask in a comment or in the visiter's page, or PM me if you're shy about others seeing your question. Thanks again for reading.

Chapter 5

The Story Of The Ice Giant

Everyone sat down and once again Harry leaned his head back and tried to rest. Ron broke the silence by telling Harry he needed to prove he really was Harry potter. Harry sighed and sat up and rubbed his face wearily. He looked at Ron with anger showing plainly. “How do you suggest I do that?”

Ron said, “What spell did I tell you I was taught on our train ride to Hogwarts when we first met? Who taught it to me, what was the spell supposed to do and what was the spell, word for word?”

Harry objected saying, “We were children, Captain; how am I supposed to remember a spell from that long ago? I remember it didn’t work, and Hermione wasn’t impressed either.”

“Never you mind about Hermione, what was the spell?”

Harry thought hard and huffed impatiently with having to make his weary mind think so hard. Finally he said, “Fred made it up and he and George taught it to you so they could have a good laugh at your gullibility. ‘Sunshine daisies butter mellow; turn this stupid fat rat yellow.’ It was supposed to turn Scabbers yellow. It didn’t work.”

Ron turned red in the face and said, “Anyone could have found that out. Hermione told loads of people and they told loads more people. Tell me something else that proves you are the real Harry.”

Harry looked at Carson and said, “Can you please verify I am the real Harry Potter for the captain?”

Carson nodded his head and said, “Aye lad, he’s the real Harry Potter and he needs to rest and take some medicine and potions.”

“I’ll rest when I get Ginny back home. I need her desperately bad.”

Jack said, “I know you don’t want to talk about it, but we need to know what happened up above Pride Rock and why was people about to burn down your house and property?”

Harry shook his head sadly and stood up gingerly. He stood facing the flames of the fire and then turned around and sat on the stone hearth. Just then Sam and Teyla came in the door and announced it was snowing worse than it had all winter. Harry rested his elbows on his knees and lowered his forehead onto his fists. He was silent until Teyla and Sam came in and sat down. Sam said, “Dinner is on and we can have sandwiches for lunch while we visit.”

Ron took a sandwich and said, “We aren’t visiting, Harry is going to tell us what happened and why he isn’t dead and why he would allow all of us to think he was.”

Harry took a sandwich and nibbled a few minute bites with his eyes closed, grimacing every time he chewed. Ron said, “The sandwiches are good, why are you acting like they’re tough leather? It’s pathetic the way you’re trying to stall telling us what happened. Are you making up a good story and need to stall for more time?”

Harry stood up and threw his sandwich into the fire and doubled his fists. He walked over to Ron and Ron swallowed hard. Harry pulled him out of his seat like he was weightless. Bringing him inches from his face Harry quietly said, “I could break your jaw and let you see how hard it is to eat.” He threw Ron back down onto the couch and went to his study. “I’ll be back in a few minutes; I need to take some medicine.”

While Harry was in the lab Carson spoke up and told them about the broken bones two of which was a jaw and crushed skull. “His spleen was ruptured and his liver torn. I honestly can’t say how he is alive. And those body parts you said was Harry’s aren’t real. They are state of the art man made replicas painted and scarred to make it look like Harry. The blood on them is from Harry and the piece of skin is his. I’m thinking it is from his left side below his ribs.”

Harry returned to the living room and asked Ron if he was okay. “I shouldn’t have let my memory be a back seat driver; I sincerely apologize. I’m not making excuses but you need to know and try to understand that things happened to me that I have to recover from and it may not even be possible.”

Ron nodded his head eager to show Harry he wasn’t angry at him. “I accept your apology and I’ll take responsibility of setting you off. I’m sorry mate. Can you tell us what happened to you? Did you leave all those body parts; blood and skin up there? I know you had a mighty battle because I found traces of your magic.”

Harry gazed into the fire; the flames licking greedily at the logs now displaying velvety red embers. His eyes finally left the flames and he shut them and sighed weary with the thought of reliving everything he went through to get rid of the Giant replicator. He turned around and sat in his chair and began speaking as if he was narrating a historical war story.

“Four days ago I got up and ate breakfast and went to find the Giant. I don’t know if it is common knowledge, but for the sake of Ron’s understanding, the Giant was man-made. It was like a robot and it could repair itself when it got damaged. Rodney gave me a computer chip that would reprogram the Giant’s directive. I found the Giant asleep which would be the perfect time for it to download the new directives because that is when new directives are downloaded into it by its creator. I was able to get right up to it and stick the chip in where Rodney said it would go. I left the immediate area so I could observe what it did when it woke up from a safe distance.”

Harry re-positioned himself trying to get comfortable for the next part of the recollections turned story. “It seems the creator expected this because it woke up and instantaneously was at my side and stomped on me before I could fully get away. That’s when my skull got crushed and my collarbone broken. The only reason I wasn’t dead was because I was between two boulders and they took the blunt force of the foot. That’s also when I lost the skin off of my side. I was wedged between another boulder and the Giant’s foot. My head bounced against one of the boulders before it was crushed with the second stomp which would have killed me for sure but I was able to use my magic to move to the other side of the clearing and get under my Cloak of Invisibility. It appeared in the same area but couldn’t find me. I took potions to mend my skull and collarbone and tried to close up my side. I was there for hours going in and out of shock until the potions began taking affect. I can’t remember the last time I was as cold as I was those hours.”

Harry stood up and paced the small area in front of the fireplace. He sat back down and took several cleansing breaths before he continued with his difficult recount of the last five days.

“I was suffering from a very serious concussion and was having trouble seeing. Everything was black. I lit my wand and still couldn’t focus on any differences in the snow that covered everything. I realized I could hardly breathe and was cold but not frozen solid and I couldn’t hear anything. This brought me to the conclusion that I was actually buried in the snow. I started melting the snow around and above me and finally just as I was taking my last breath I broke through the surface. Other than being able to breathe fresh air again; it was hard to believe I was free. Everything was a brilliant white. I could hear and feel the wind though, terrible wind. The Giant had blown a full scaled blizzard with tons of snow.”

Harry stood up again and turned to look into the flames in the fireplace. He put two more logs on the fire and poked at the ashes from the nearly consumed logs. He didn’t turn and look at his friends and Ron; but instead raised his arms and placed them on the mantel. He hung his head and remained quiet until finally he turned back to his chair and sat down. He was clearly distressed and Carson was about to say they heard enough for a while when Harry took a deep breath and spoke quietly.

“The Giant grabbed me. It was right there and I couldn’t see it or hear it. He transported me to some sort of underground cave. There was some kind of elaborate lab with all kinds of machines everywhere. In the center of the place was a bright blue light ray with about a twelve foot circumference. The Giant walked up to it and jumped into it, but I don’t think it was supposed to. A little man was at a table working and he yelled, ‘No, not yet; you can’t go until I put this in your code.’ But it jumped in anyway. We fell for what seemed like hours. I could feel the temporal disturbances and my body was being pulled on in all directions, but we fell on and on until we landed in Godric’s Hollow, on July 32, 1981. We had traveled into the past to my home the day after I was born. The Giant released me and disappeared. I was still a full grown man with all my magical abilities. I moved around cautiously until I found a place I could be safely, the Shrieking Shack. I didn’t have to pay for rent, utilities, or food. I enchanted food to appear to me from Hogwarts when I was hungry. I didn’t consider that to be stealing because Professor Dumbledore told me that help would always be at Hogwarts for those who ask for it. I asked and it provided. Anyway, I worked tirelessly to find my way back home. The Giant was gone and I couldn’t find any trace of the portal we fell through. You can’t imagine how hard it was to live during those years knowing I could keep things from happening and change the outcome of everything. I had the accounts of where Riddle was and when he was going to murder. Everyone who died so I could live…I could have fixed it so they lived. I could have kept my Dad and Mum from being murdered.”

Harry covered his eyes with his hands and shook his head. “I had to stand by and watch my parents get murdered. I saw how Riddle mutilated my father and then murdered him. He stepped over his body to get to me and my mother. I watched her beg for him to let me live. I saw him continually tell her to move aside; that she didn’t need to die but she kept refusing and he murdered her without any remorse whatsoever. Hagrid and Sirius came and Hagrid carried me away. Sirius was devastated and carefully gathered my Dad and Mum to take them away. I saw all the events that led up to the war. I followed Bellatrix Lestrange around for a long time to gather information. It was difficult watching and doing nothing to change the outcome of so many things. I knew I couldn’t change anything though. Years went by and I continued to try to find my way home. Loneliness nearly drove me mad.”

Harry sat back and looked up to the ceiling. Tears of anguish streamed down his jaws and into his beard. He swallowed and began speaking again. “During the summer of my other self’s second year at Hogwarts I knew I would have to figure something out before my third year started. That was the year Sirius escaped Azkaban and used the Shrieking shack. Then a stroke of luck came my way. I picked up a scientific magazine about Nanite technology. There on the front cover was the little man I saw in the lab before the Giant jumped in the portal. His name was Sturgis Altimore. I studied his findings and then I devised a plan to get his research papers. He is a Muggle who at the time was living in the furthest northern region of Alaska. I went there and broke into his lab. I copied all his research papers and while I was there I looked for an underground cave where the lab might be. I found it, but none of the equipment was there; it hadn’t been invented yet. I did find some notes made by the little man and nearly killed over when I read his ideas. He wanted to send me back in time to where Riddle tried to kill me. He planned on planting Nanites into my brain; remember I was twelve at that time. He then wanted to send me back in time to kill my mum so she wouldn’t be able to use the very old magic spell that made the Avada Kedavra backfire on Riddle. After I did my deed I would disappear because Riddle would then be able to kill me; the one year old me, and therefore I would no longer exist after that time. Nothing involving me would exist; marrying Ginny, our kids wouldn’t exist, all the people all over the world I helped when I was on my Quest…nothing.”

Harry shifted in his chair and leaned forward resting his crossed arms on his knees. His head hung wearily for several minutes. Ron whispered to Carson, “Is he asleep do you reckon?”

Harry raised his head and avoided looking at anyone but began talking again. “I went back to the Shrieking Shack and read his notes over and over. I found a flaw in his math and worked out a new code to download into the Giant when I got back to him. Since he went before the man could find the flaw in the code then the Giant didn’t actually exist at that time in the past. So I finally had what I needed to defeat the Giant and I also thought of a way to come back to this time period. I appeared in Professor Dumbledore’s office, his secret office where he hid his Tesseract. He would destroy it a little while later. I tried to set the time back to just before I inserted the thumb drive Rodney gave me into the Giant. It worked; I was back at the place I found the Giant. I found myself watching for the best time to insert the thumb drive. I didn’t see me coming from behind and was able to step right inside me to become one again. I had to do this or there would be two of me. I probably don’t need to tell you how totally confused I was all the sudden having all the new memories of the last thirty some years. So anyway, I went to the Giant and inserted the thumb drive and the Giant woke up before I could get away. Rodney had said it would take a few minutes for the upload to work. I barely got away and once again it stomped on me but I was able to get away from him and launched another attack on him. We fought for three hours, me getting broke up and the same with him only he could repair himself with his Nanites. All at once he dropped me which equaled falling from a two story building. I remember the Giant dissolving into nothingness then I passed out for several hours. When I came around I treated myself again. As soon as I was able to move I went to the lab in Alaska and fought the little man. I told you he was a Muggle, but he was a brilliant scientist with lots of machines mankind has only heard of in the world of Science Fiction. He kept catching me and I’d escape. He sent me to another reality and I was able to come back. Once we both fell into an alternate universe fifty years in the future where we lived for forty years. We got back and I finally got the upper hand and captured him but he tried to escape by falling into another machine that unbeknownst to him I was in the process of destroying. He died trying to get out of it. I tried to help him but nothing could be done. I destroyed the facility and the rest of the machinery. I’ve lived whole lifetimes in other time dimensions and realities. Finally I came here and found the house and property void of any life what so ever. I worried that I had come back to a different time dimension or I was really still a captive and it was all a mind trick of the little man. Then thankfully I found Albus’s letter and made plans to capture any looters, which there were four, and then today I captured the people who were going to burn down our home and property. Now you have the story. I won’t be repeating any of it so I hope you got what you needed to know. Please respect me enough not to ask me to talk about it again.”

Ron couldn’t keep quiet any longer and said, “Why didn’t you kill Lord Voldemort when you had the chance? Your parents would still be alive.”

Harry looked at Ron with indifference. “I’m not going to talk about it. I’m going to go get Ginny. Sam can explain it to you if you need to know and if she doesn’t mind telling you.

Harry turned around and saw Ginny standing beside Hermione in the kitchen entrance. He stared at her for a minute and slowly walked over to her. He stood only inches away from her his eyes boring into hers and then he spoke very softly as if anything above a whisper might cause her image to disappear. “Ginny,” he slowly reached up to her face and his finger tips ever so lightly touched her lips. “Is it really you; are you really here?”

Tears overflowed the brims of Ginny’s brown eyes and she nodded her head, not trusting her voice to be able to be heard from her constricted throat. He said her name again and put his arms around her waist. They came together and he held her to him tightly. He kissed her passionately and took handfuls of her hair in his fists. Then he said her name again and cried on her shoulder.

Hermione squeezed by them and went to Ron. He had been so engrossed in Harry’s adventure that he didn’t even see her and Ginny come in even though he was sitting on the couch wherein one could easily see the kitchen. “When did you two get here?”

“We got here just as Harry began his account of the last five days. I can’t imagine what he’s been through. I’m going to order him to have a full mental evaluation done on him before he returns to work. I need to make sure his mind is stable before I put people’s lives at risk.”

“No, Mione; you can’t do that to him. His mental stability is better than yours and mine put together. He wouldn’t have been able to do what he did and make it back home, and then capture single-handed those four from yesterday and the ones from today if he was mentally unstable. I know he was desperate and all but if he was mentally unstable, he would have killed Lord Voldemort back when he had the chance. He would have saved his parents. Can’t you see the incredible strength of mind it would take to not do what you desperately want to do? And then when he got back, he didn’t go right to Ginny like he obviously wanted to… you heard him, he said he needed to see her desperately bad. But he had to make sure it was safe for her to come home before he got her.”

Hermione looked over at the couple who were still wrapped up in each other’s arms crying. Sam and Teyla went outside and around and through the kitchen door and set the table. When the table was prepared and the food was placed on it they announced dinner was ready. Ginny started to pull away when Ron gently tried to move them so the entrance wasn’t blocked but Harry wouldn’t let go of her.

Carson said, “Lad, you need to loosen your hold on Ginny or she’ll pass out from lack of oxygen.”

Harry let go instantly and looked into his wife’s eyes. “Are you okay, did I hurt you?”

“I’m okay, Love; you didn’t hurt me. But we’re holding up people’s dinner.” She took his hand and led him to the table. They all sat down and began filling their plates. Nobody spoke which was fine with Harry. It didn’t last though because Ron spoke up and said, “So you lived in the future for a spell, what can you tell us about the stock market? Should we get rid of certain stocks and buy others?”

Harry remained silent and stabbed a piece of steak rather violently and put it in his mouth. He chewed it and swallowed followed by a bite of baked potato. He complimented Sam and Teyla on the meal and jabbed some green beans on his fork. He put it in his mouth and cut another piece of steak and forked it with much less violence than the first bite. His demeanor was subdued but his low furrowed brows and hard stare made him look ominous. He looked at Ron and said, “Did your parents say if they were coming straight home since it’s safe to do so? I don’t know if you called or someone else called, but you surely know when they plan on coming home.”

Ron arched his eyebrows and opened his mouth but then closed it and toyed with his knife and then cut a piece of steak off and looked at Harry before he put it in his mouth. He cowered upon seeing Harry’s ire with him. “It just seems only fair that if you don’t have to answer my question I don’t have to answer yours.”

Harry excused himself and stood up. He walked out of the dining room and called his father-in-law.

“Hello Mr. Weasley, I want to let you know I am home and everything is safe now. I asked someone to call you but I haven’t been able to find out if they had. Would it be possible for you to bring Lily home, or would you rather me come and get her?

Okay thank you very much then. Good-bye.”

Harry returned to his seat and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Weasley will be coming home shortly and they will bring Lily home as soon as they get back.”

Ron slammed his fork down and swore at Harry. “Why did you do that? You just had to make me look bad to my parents. You’re lucky your parents are dead because they wouldn’t be pleased with how you turned out.”

Harry stood up so fast his chair fell over backwards. He was breathing hard and his nostrils flared with outrage and contempt for his brother-in-law. Hugo cried out to his dad to please apologize, and then he looked at Harry and said, “Uncle Harry, please don’t hurt Daddy.”

“I have no intention of hurting your dad, Hugo. I have never swung on family and I never will. I just won’t be sworn at unjustly. This is not the place for anger and hostility. I’m simply taking my dinner someplace where I can eat in peace.”

Harry picked up his plate and side glanced at Ginny before he left the table. She looked up at him and he saw she was upset but didn’t say anything. If she was upset with her brother she would have chewed Ron out but she didn’t. This told Harry she was upset with him.

The plate slipped out of his hand and landed back on the table. He looked around the table heart broken and asked for forgiveness for disrupting dinner. Ron said, “Why can’t you just answer me? I was teasing in the first place, but it would be nice to know what you saw in the future. Is it wrong to want to be more secure financially? Why should you get to have all the advantages of knowing what stocks to buy and sell?”

Harry felt Ginny take his hand and gently tug on it. “Sit down and eat, Love. Just have a conversation with Ron about the stocks and bonds. If it’s wrong for him to know the future, than tell him why it’s wrong.”

Harry shook his head and sat down. He shoved his plate away from him and glared at Ron. “All I wanted from the beginning was to beat that Giant and come home to finish Christmas holiday with my family. Of course that didn’t happen. I told you everything of importance that happened and then told you I wouldn’t talk about it again. The first thing you did was ask me to talk about it. I went through too much for me to deal with right now. My mind needs to heal and it can’t when I have to keep talking about it; keeping it fresh in my mind. I saw things I shouldn’t have seen. I need to forget them so I don’t act on them. And it wasn’t just one time in the future. I was bounced back and forth in time for many time periods and lived cumulatively for hundreds of years. Would you be able to wrap your mind around that? Would you want to be away from your family all that time? Could you take being so far in the future that your wife and kids, grand kids and so on were dead, buried and turned to dust? You want to know about the stock market? What would you do if I told you that a specific company you owned stock in went out of business?”

Ron’s face was white and then when Harry asked again Ron answered. “Well that’s a stupid question isn’t it? I’d sell all my stock in that company.”

“And what if you selling all your stock caused a run on the market and the company went out of business because they lost all their investors? How many hundreds of people would lose their jobs because some fool caused a panic and caused the business to shut down? How would you be able to live with yourself? You always have to look at the whole picture instead of one part of it and react to that one part. That’s one of the reasons I won’t talk about it. You just proved my reasoning is correct. And since I do know; I have to second guess everything I do until I can get a handle on this issue because I might adversely affect the future. Do you have any idea what it is like to purposefully isolate yourself from mankind so you don’t do or interact with someone or something because everything has a cause and effect? The future wouldn’t be what it was supposed to be. The same for the past, I couldn’t be around mankind so I didn’t affect the future from that time forward. What if I had said or done something and it caused the present time to be different than what it is? And you’re wrong to tell me I’m lucky my parents are dead. There is no reason to ever think I’d rather my parents be dead than them see me as the filthy monster and animal I’m thought to be. I’d rather have them alive and be disappointed in me than dead because of… Please, I’m begging you to let me forget what I can. I am so tired I can’t stand the thought of spending another minute talking or even thinking about this. Can’t we just eat and have a nice visit?”

Hermione spoke up saying, “Of course we can, Harry. Ron didn’t mean what he said.”

“Yes he did, Hermione. But I’ll let it go like always so we can move forward.” He didn’t look at Ron but instead looked at his food. The few bites he had were mighty tasty and so tender it didn’t bother him to eat. But now just thinking of eating turned his stomach. He swallowed and then excused himself from the table. “I’m going to find Winky and the others.”

Hugo spoke quickly asking, “Can I go with you, Uncle Harry? I finished eating a few minutes ago. It was delicious!”

Harry managed a small smile and a twinkle glimmered in his eyes. “I don’t mind if your parents don’t mind.”

Hermione bit her lower lip and Ron shook his head. “Absolutely-” Hermione quickly added, “Yes, yes, you absolutely can go with him. Behave for your uncle.”

Ron turned red in the face and looked at his wife. Harry could have left with Hugo but he wouldn’t; knowing Ron didn’t want him to take his son. Hugo took Harry’s hand and looked up at him. Harry waited for Ron to say something but he wouldn’t. Finally Harry said, “You’re welcome to come to, Captain.”

Ron’s expression changed from angry to surrender. “Go on then; just bring him back safely.”
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