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Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
Walking smartly through the department, her designer heels clacking only slightly on the flooring due to a handy charm Nives’ had told her about. Her sister-in-law. Not her half-sister Nives. Her sister-in-law Nives. Yes. Man her family was confusing at times.

Opening the door into the labratory, she slipped insid and looked around for Dalton. He hadn’t been in the main desked area of the department, which meant he was elsewhere. Duh. Okay, Giulia stop rambling. We’re here for a reason.

Hands carefully placed in the hiplow pockets of her dress, she moved around the lab without touching anything. When she was close to the man, she stood at his side waiting for him to realise she was there - not wanting to interupt his concentration when he was doing something.


“Oh.” The Italian smiled at him. “Hahlo.” Her accent was still very strong, having only been in London for a few months now. “How are you zettling in?” Not wanting to contaminate - well, anything - she stood straight, away from the table. Her hands in her pockets as she did the - small talk. Sí. Small talk. Wasn'tawkwardatall.
The lab was the best place: Dalton always felt more relaxed and at ease, more confident and generally more himself when he was in one, and the Ministry facility was no different. He was at one of the analysis stations, completely in the zone as he ran different tests on a sample that had been sent in when he heard movement behind him.

With a wave of his wand, he finished up what he was doing and turned around just as Giulia started to speak.

"Hi Guilia," he managed politely as he stowed his wand away. "I'm really enjoying it, thanks. What about you?" Wait, she was new as well, right? He hadn't just made that up in his brain?

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