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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
She knew of YATIs better than Evie and Angelo, there had been many. They turned out to be some of the best Aurors—and Head Aurors in some cases—that the department had ever had even to this day but Lex wasn’t about to go around the bush about all that. The basic meaning behind the sentiment was what she focused on and it meant that things would get done.

Alexa was thoughtful a moment, silently considering the plan of action before nodding again.

“Alright. I like where it’s headed. Consider the position yours. Do you wanna talk paygrade or you wanna leave that as a surprise til the next cheque bounces in?” Only the faintest hint of an amused smile at that.
She was slightly nervous, but didn't show it. She was confident, too. She knew she wasn't the best, but she was possibly the best option that the department currently had. Maybe. Regardless, she was fairly confident that the position was hers. Alexa didn't deal with people longer than she wanted to and she was clearly entertaining the idea.

A small smile touched her lips when she heard the words from the department head's mouth. As for paygrade... "I trust you to pay me as much as you would have liked to be paid." Alexa hadn't had the position, but her paycheck had obviously increased over the years. She knew what to do and Evangeline trusted her. Besides, money wasn't everything.

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