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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Azzo looked over at the other two when she said that because he did agree with her and well really hoped as he thought before that it wasn't a double blind date with all of them doing the same thing. How lazy could the matchmaker be?"I would add maybe even a weird sense of humor or someone isn't getting paid much to make these" Anyway onto the actual date since he assumed it was starting now and they actually had to do something besides talk which he hasn't been minding so far and he has not been a....well you know if you knew him before.

"Nice to meet you too....what does it say?"

A riddle??? Well he sucked at those unless you want a sarcastic answer-back....a scavenger hunt made more sense but it made him groan since it was so dumb.

"We would be having to do a scavenger hunt"
His comment brought a smile to her lips and she couldn't help but chuckle. "And perhaps too much time on their hand?" she teased as she lifted the seal of the envelope, opening it up, to unveil their quest before them. She smirked as her eyes glanced at their task ahead of them. It was a scavenger hunt. Thank Merlin. A scavenger hunt was much better than multiple riddles.

"It is a scavenger hunt... We're going to have to find the following..." she spoke as her eyes cast over the list. "We're going to need one cinnamon social slice from Ole and Steen, a flyer for the 12 week 2097 run of Newsies from the Theatre Royal Haymarket, two empty coffee cups, a photo in front of M&M world, a plotted plant from the window of a local pub, six different tins of biscuits, and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps autographed by a theatre doorman..." She glanced up at him.

"There has to be a café nearby. Where do you wanna start?"
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