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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Barsanti looked between the parchment in his hand and the girl before him as he was now no longer interested in the other couple nearby. Who cared what they got up to? He only cared about what he was gonna get by the end of this date. Preferably something along the lines of a kiss. "You're fit with a capital T, Tia." And boy oh boy was he going to enjoy looking for this list of objects with her walking ahead of him. Hopefully more than ten steps ahead so any hills worked in his favour.

"I'm guessing we better get a move on."
UHHHH..... Well that was quite the compliment? So she thought at least? "Yea? Guess keeping up with magical creatures has its advantages. Your eyes are quite bewitching for yourself, Barsanti." Mmmm, seeee she got them compliments down too. Also, that other couple clearly had nothing on them. Was this a competition? If so, Team BarsanTia totally was going to win this.

"Probably. Is there a time deadline?" She asked, curiously peering at the parchment.
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