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Hey guys, thanks for coming back. I know I say that every week, but I sincerely mean it. I hope all is well with everyone and I hope you are all cuddled nice and warm in the weather some are experiencing. My family crises is ongoing but seems to have taken a turn for the better for me and my brothers and sisters. Still though, when a family member is suffering the whole family suffers. I am so far behind in things around here so I must once again ask for your forgiveness for posting late. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I must warn you it is dark and violent as will be these last two chapters of this story line. If anyone has any questions please drop a comment or PM me.

Chapter 4

Harry’s Homecoming Was Not What He Expected

It was early morning just before sunup of the third day of Harry being gone when he returned home. He decided to appear in the basement and shower before he went up to his family. It had been a very long time since he had a shower and a good scrubbing and fresh clothes would be better for his family than letting them see him the way he was. But he instantly knew something was terribly wrong when he got home. It was too quiet and too cold. He ran up the basement stairs and into the kitchen. It was dark and looked like it had been abandoned. He went into the living room and found it the same way. Also the Christmas tree and decorations were gone. There wasn’t a fire in the fireplace and the furniture was covered with dust protectors. His heart beat hard and he became worried he came back in another reality or something. He ran up the stairs finding it empty of his family sleeping in their beds. He went back downstairs to the kitchen and found the refrigerator empty. All the shelves in the pantry were bare and all the wares of the kitchen were packed up in boxes sitting on the counters. He Skryed Winky’s house the stable and barn and didn’t see any sign of life anywhere.

Harry went back up to the bedrooms and looked around one more time. A thought was going through his mind that put a new fear into him. Was this yet another trick of the replicator giant and he hadn’t destroyed it after all and had captured him again? Was he living in another virtual reality made by the replicator? “No! I got free and destroyed it for sure! I know I did!” Harry exclaimed angrily, but still; the empty house and property told another story. He walked into Albus’s room and looked out the window toward the Burrow. Smoke wasn’t rising over the top of the hill in the near distance like it should be. He looked around the room and his eye caught a glimpse of a piece of paper camouflaged to look like the dust protector on the bed. Harry snatched it up and read it quickly.

Dear Daddy,
I hate that we had to leave before you got home. Mum said we have to leave now before we are contaminated. We are staying with Uncle Ron until we have to go back to Hogwarts. Some man came and said he had to inspect the house and property to see if an accidental Methane gas release didn’t contaminate the area. A few hours later he came back in a hazmat suit and said the air and ground was toxic and we would have to vacate the property until further notice. They are going to burn down our home and all the buildings on the property and even scorch the earth of the entire property. Daddy, I ran a test of my own and although I am just a kid, I know this man is lying because my test came back negative. Winky and Marston have rallied all the elves and taken the animals with them somewhere I don’t know about. Winky assured me the animals were all safe and being cared for. Grandma and Grandpa are with Uncle Charlie until it is safe to return. They were told their property wasn’t affected but were advised to leave just in case the wind shifted during the burn. Mum asked them to take Lily with them and they did. The man said the burn will begin in four days. You have only been gone one day so if you don’t come back within the next three days and the charms James and I put up around our home fails we will lose everything. I think someone will go there a day early to steal all our stuff before they burn down the house. Mum is angrier than I have ever seen her and she is trying to find out where the scientists came from and how a gas leak could be on our property. She doesn’t want to lose our home because of her not finding out how to stop them. I told her I would write this letter to you and she said she was trying to do that but she was tied up with finding out what this is all about. Hope you get home safely and I hope it’s in time to save us.

Love you forever,

Harry scanned the letter again and realized tomorrow is the day they said they would begin burning everything. Albus figures they will come today to steal the valuables and Harry decided he was more than likely right. He began making plans and setting traps. Just before lunch one of his traps went off and Harry went to the spot in stealth mode. He was invisible and noiseless, completely undetectable. Three men were hanging upside down with their arms frozen over their heads and tied at their wrists. Harry quickly gathered them and took them to the barn. He put them in the hayloft and under a spell that kept them from moving or calling out for help. He took their wands and wallets and any weapons they had on them. When he took their cell phones one of them rang. Harry quickly denied the call but texted back to the number that called.

“What do you want? I’m busy.”

“How dare you speak to a Lestrange like that?! I am your boss and I think because of your cheek you will be cut out of the spoils.”

“And I think maybe I’ll keep it all myself. Easy enough to do and you can’t stop me.

“And what about Phil and Caleb?”

“I took them out of the works after getting through the protection barrier. They’re tied up in the barn. If you want them, by all means come and get them.”

“You’ll regret that smart mouth of yours when I get there.”

“I think you missed your calling. You’re a comedian if you think I believe you have guts enough to show yourself in person. Now, leave me be so I can get busy claiming things as mine. I’m going back up to the main house, come and get the others if you want, just don’t bother me. And don’t get the idea to try and take me out, you’ll be surprised when you see what you have waiting for you if you do. Ha ha ha”

Harry shut off the phone and didn’t answer it when she called back. He hoped he had goaded her enough she would show up and try to eliminate him. He waited beside the three men he had tied up thinking she would come to get them so they could help her. He put his invisibility cloak over the one he took the place of and looked around to make sure he was ready for the Lestrange woman. He shook his head to clear away the shock of hearing the person behind this attack was a Lestrange. Did Bella have a daughter; she would be older than him, but he guessed it was possible. How did he miss this fact when he was fallowing her? She never once went to see her wherever she was, and she never spoke of her. Who would’ve guessed she had a daughter?

He didn’t have long to wait. Ten minutes after he stopped texting to the Lestrange woman she showed up in the barn. Her wand was drawn and she moved about cautiously. When she found two of her accomplices she started talking in urgent tones.

“I can’t believe the nerve of Bernie thinking he can get away with keeping everything for himself. How did he manage to get the drop on you two?”

Phil responded indignantly, “We worked for three hours getting that protection barrier down and finally did it only to be attacked from behind. I thought nobody was supposed to be home. Who attacked us?”

Lestrange answered angrily, “It was Bernie; he betrayed us and is at this very moment up at the main house taking everything for himself.”

Caleb responded with doubt, “I don’t know Katrina, it was nearly instantaneously, but I’m sure I saw Bernie go down just before Phil, and I was the last one cursed. I think someone else is here working against us. Could it be Potter?”

Katrina thought and answered, “No, Potter is rumored to be dead. A Giant killed him a few days ago. Nobody has discovered the body yet, but there was plenty of blood and stuff at the site where he fought it. I can only hope he died slowly and in excruciating pain. My only regret is that he will miss seeing his mother-in-law die at my hands.”

“Those scientists who said that there was a methane gas leak on this property said it was toxic so I think we should hurry up and get our stuff and leave.”

The Lestrange woman laughed hysterically and said, “Caleb, you are so cute in your stupidity. There isn’t any gas leak. There aren’t even any scientists. It was a group of criminals around the world who want Potter dead that helped Lord Voldemort make the Giant. Sure scientists made them, but they got rid of them as soon as the giants were made. Well, all of them but the inventor, but it is rumored that he disappeared never to be seen again after Lord Voldemort was killed. Now there is only one Giant left. Yes, it was man-made and that is why they want to burn down the place; so they don’t leave any trace or evidence.”

“I still say there is someone else here and we need to finish what we came for and leave. The Weasley’s won’t be back until next week so you can’t kill her yet anyway.”

Phil added, “Plus it is just a matter of time before others hear about Potter being dead and his place being abandoned. Others will get the same idea we got and could start showing up at anytime now. Let’s get this over with and leave. I’ve had the feeling we are being watched ever since we got here.”

Harry heard enough to learn all he needed to know. There was only four to deal with here today and tomorrow would be the day the Giant makers’ show up to burn down his home and property. Harry became visible and took Katrina’s wand and arrested her. She was in too much shock to fight or cause a problem. Harry said she was under arrest for plotting murder, breaking and entering with the intent of grand larceny, and other charges would be pending on other evidence that needed sorting out. He arrested the three men for co conspiring with Katrina Lestrange to steal and murder.

Katrina snarled at him and looking just like her evil mom said, “You think you are all knowing about all things. You'll find you aren't as smart as you think you are and then you will die.” He looked hard into her eyes and studied her face. She looked like her mom, but Harry saw someone else; he just couldn't place who it could be at the moment.

He didn’t offer any comment or even acknowledge he heard her. He only said what he legally had to tell them. Next he called K’lari and talked to her for a while. After working out a plan to have K’lari hold the four villains in her special prison; he took them to where K’lari told him to bring them.

“Hey there handsome! It’s been too long. Oh my; you’ve really changed a lot since I last saw you. You look dangerous; I’m glad we’re friends. Harry smiled politely and quietly said, “Sometimes change just happens. I’m still me though. A shower and fresh clothes will do wonders.”

K’lari shook her head and said, “I think the change has been coming on for years but something else happened that made you different. You’re gaunt yet powerful looking and you have a wild look about you. Your eyes are terrible fierce. What happened to you?”

Harry didn’t want to talk about it but didn’t look away from her. He said, “How is Teddy doing? Is he and his best mate Ottery, still looking for trouble to get into?”
He smiled mischievously and said, “I thought about giving them a call to see if they’d like to join me in my production of Jack and the Beanstalk, but decided I needed to take care of the problem myself. Say hello to them for me when you go home. And speaking of home, I need to go home and get ready for tomorrow. I’d love to be able to tell Ginny and the kids I’m back, but I can’t take a chance on anyone else finding out I’m not dead. I was looking forward to seeing my family, eating a real meal, and getting a good night’s sleep, but none one of those things are going to happen tonight. I’ve waited years to see them; I guess another night won’t make a difference.”

“What do you mean by waited years?” She asked taken aback.

“It’s just a saying, right?” He turned the tips of his lips up in a very small sad smile and kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, thanks for your help.” He disappeared without another word.

Harry went to the Burrow to see if everything was in order there and found everything fine. He nearly whooped in celebration of finding food in the refrigerator. He fixed some sandwiches and drank some water. Satisfied with his meager dinner he cleared up his mess and left for his own home taking with him some bread, sausages, and a thermos of coffee for in the morning.

He didn’t bother appearing outside and walking in since the house was empty. He looked around the living room and the loneliness of the bare house set upon him. He didn’t dare light a fire in the fireplace or turn on anything electric. He didn’t want anyone who might be watching know he was home. When darkness came he pulled out a tent he used when he was on his quest many years ago and set it up in the bedroom. It was just a single sized tent, but when he got inside it was magically enlarged to allow for a camp bed, and some essential necessities. It was also invisible to the naked eye and didn’t allow for light to pass through. He got out a photo album and looked at pictures he took over the Christmas holiday. He stared at them until he was too tired to keep his eyes open. He got in bed and pulled the covers up over his head to get warm.

In the morning he got up and had the sausages and bread with his coffee. He barely finished when a warning system he set up in the event that intruders were on the property went off. He made his tent go back into his Mokeskin pouch and became invisible. He quickly put his invisibility cloak around him even though he was invisible. He heard voices downstairs and someone shouted ‘Homenum Revelio’ upon which nothing happened except his cloak gave a slight jerk.

“I guess it must be true, Harry potter is dead,” said the man who shouted the spell. “It’s kind of sad in a way. I mean he did get rid of all those nasty villains that really did need to go. And he has done a lot of good for the homeless and the poor orphans. And just look what he’s done for his wife and kids; gave them this beautiful home and anything they needed. But, none of that matters because we sold our souls to the scum of the earth in order for us to be able to take the place of the villains of old. We are going to rule the world boys and nobody will be able to stop us. Well, let’s get busy, we’ll get the house burning and then at ten o’clock our helicopter will be here to begin firebombing the property and all the buildings. We’ll drop some bombs here and there to make it look like pockets of gas exploded so our cover will stay intact. We should be done by two or three this afternoon. First though I want to go up to the master bedroom and see if his wand and that fantastic sword is there. It is rumored that upon his death they will go to his wife in a special place. All we know is that it’ll be in their bedroom, but the exact whereabouts is unknown.”

One of the men froze on the spot and whispered, “It’s him boss, it’s Harry Potter. He must be dead because he is talking to us from his picture.”

Everyone turned and looked at the family portrait over the mantle. Harry was looking at the men and said, “Leave my home or you’ll be sorry.”

The man who was obviously the boss laughed and said, “And what will you do? You’re dead and you are stuck inside your portrait.”

Harry smiled wickedly and said, “I’m not a typical ghost though.”
He stepped out of his picture and floated over the men. Some of them looked terrified and tried to run but Harry pointed his finger at them and they seemed to have been glued to the floor. The others drew their wands and began firing curses at Harry. They went right through him and he laughed when someone shouted ’Avada Kedavra’ “You can’t kill a ghost, where did you go to school?”

The boss quite nervously said, “It’s a trick, some sort of magic, dark magic. Ghosts can’t do what you’re doing.”

Harry laughed maniacally. “Why do you say that? Haven’t you seen the movie, Ghost Busters? Ghosts can do ever so much more than you think.” Harry floated over to the man and gave him a deadly stare. “What makes you think I would ever allow you or anyone else to take what I have? I provided this home for my wife and kids; not you or your merry men of thieves. Call your pilot and tell him he won’t be burning this property.”

“And what if I don’t do it? Are you going to scare me to death with faces and saying boo?” The man laughed nervously but stayed his ground. “You can’t touch me or call for help. All you can do is watch me burn down your house and property.”

Harry put his hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “Can you feel my hand on you? That means I can touch you. And I don’t need to call for help although I could if I wanted to. But, I wonder what kind of help would come. Let’s see if a dead man calls for help then it would be more of the dead coming to do the helping wouldn’t it?”

One of the other men screamed in terror pointing to the dining room where ghosts began floating over to them. They all tried to run out, but their feet were stuck to the floor like a few of the others that tried to run earlier. They began screaming and begging for them to please not hurt them.

Harry pointed his fingers at them and their hands went behind their backs and became handcuffed. Harry took their wands and phones. Then he swished the other ghosts away and he became corporeal. He pressed his button on his cell phone twice and a few minutes later his Aurors appeared. They all had their wands drawn until they were sure it was Harry they were looking at. Harry grinned at them and they all put them away and began greeting Harry happily. He smiled at them and thanked them for coming so quickly. “I can’t help but notice the Captain didn’t come. Is he okay?”

Carl said, “Ron has been out of sorts ever since you left. At first he was furious you left without saying goodbye to your wife and kids. And then he was furious you didn’t tell us so we could help. And he kept saying when you come back he is going to kill you himself. Then it was announced that you were more than likely dead. Someone got pictures of all the blood and the destruction at the site where by the looks of it a war took place. Trees were knocked down and boulders were smashed and there were body parts all over the place. The blood was tested and it was yours. The body parts were also identified to be yours. Right after that the scientists tested the area and said there was a gas leak of some sort and you were more than likely adversely affected by it allowing the giant to kill you. Then Ron felt guilty for being out of sorts. Your friends from the United States Air force collected the body parts and told Ginny they weren’t yours. They also said they would be back with help.”

Harry thanked them and asked them to take the captured men to the holding cells and he’d be in as soon as he stopped the helicopter from burning the land and buildings. They offered to stay and help but Harry assured them he was fine. “I would like you to let my family know I am home and I will come and get them as soon as I get the pilot and then clean up. Also tell them I checked the Burrow and it is fine too. Tell them to contact Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and tell them they need to come home as soon as possible.” The Aurors left with the prisoners and set out to do what Harry asked of them.

Just then two teams of Marines stormed in wearing tactical gear and had their weapons drawn. Harry raised his hands without saying anything. Three Marines held Harry in their sites while one Marine went to handcuff him. Harry spoke quietly asking them to be easy with him. “My left arm and right color bone are on the mend and still quite delicate. I have four mending ribs and a punctured lung healing. My back is broken and in a special brace. My left hip was shattered and my right thigh was severed. My left ankle is mending from being smashed and my skull was shattered but is on the mend, every muscle and joint in my body was caught in temporal time fluctuations and hurts even to blink, and last but not least, my jaw was shattered and although it is mending it still hurts to talk so I’ll not say anything else if it’s all the same to you fellas’. Oh, I should tell you that if I hear a helicopter then I will need to disappear to keep them from torching my property but I’ll return when I’m done.” While the rest of the men went through the house with special equipment the Marine handcuffing Harry disregarded everything he told them about being careful with him and forced Harry’s arms behind him and cuffed him. Then they put shackles on his ankles. They gagged him and blindfolded him. They put straps around his upper and mid body. When the Marines finished their sweep of the house for intruders they all stood around Harry with their weapons focused on him.
Ten minutes later Jack walked in with Carson, Teyla, Rodney, Sam, Teal’c, Daniel, and Cameron. They took in the scene and hurried to Harry. Jack told the Marines to stand down and Carson immediately began running his small instrument over him.

“Get these restraints off of Harry immediately!” As soon as Carson gave the order, Harry magiced himself free and slowly moved his arms to his sides. He blinked several times to get his eyes adjusted and then looked at Carson. A small smile gave his friend confirmation of his thankfulness.
“So, what took so long? Couldn’t you find the Giant all this time?”

Harry turned his hard eyes onto the prideful man and Rodney shrunk back to his deflated ego state. The look in Harry’s eyes told him it didn’t work, but didn’t want to go into details. Harry turned to Jack and thanked him for all the help. Jack apologized for the treatment the Marines gave him but Harry told him he was thankful they came to help and they were doing their job.

“Do you have any idea when to expect anyone to come here? We intercepted and captured a helicopter that was hovering just out of range of being able to hear it.”

“I captured and arrested all the men this morning and just called my Aurors to take them in. They left seconds before the Marines got here. I captured four looters yesterday. How are John and Ronon doing?”

Ronon is recovering quickly and John is nearly able to be up and about. They both said they were up to coming, but I wouldn’t release them. It looks like you’ve had a bit of hard luck. Can you explain all these medical conditions you’ve suffered?”

Harry swallowed and said, “Maybe another time, Carson. I need a shower and fresh clothes.” He didn’t wait for a reply but walked slowly to the stairs. Half way up the house returned to normal with heat circulating throughout and the furnishings uncovered. Logs went into the fireplace and flames sprang into a dance as they began to devour the logs. It took some effort but he made it to his bedroom without incident and showered. When he went back down he was alone with just his friends. Jack had dismissed the Marines and joined the others who were talking quietly around the fireplace. They turned around to face Harry when he asked where Sam and Teyla were at.

“They went shopping to get you some groceries. Your cupboards seem to be in need of resupply.”

Harry nodded his head and said it would be good to have a good meal for a change. He sat down and rested his head on the back of his comfy chair. Just as he got comfortable Ron popped into the house. Harry was instantly at the door with his hands around Ron’s neck ready to snap it. He gasped and let go of his brother-in-law and fell back against the door white as a ghost realizing he nearly killed his best friend.

Ron put his hands on his neck and heart and looked as scared as Harry was. “What the bloody blue blazes is wrong with you?! You can’t just go around killing people or trying to.”

Harry glared at Ron and Ron took notice of the hardness in Harry’s eyes. He looked him up and down and backed away from him. “You are Harry aren’t you? You look like an assassin or something dangerous.”

Harry looked at him and quietly said, “I’m just the monster/dirty animal who lives here; and I have every right to protect my family’s home. How many times have I told you to come in the door instead of just popping in like you do? You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.”

Ron rubbed his neck and said, “I had to identify your body parts just a few days ago. Then Carl calls and says that you’re home and you’re going to come and get Ginny as soon as you can. I had to come over and see who was trying to get her; her house and property and try to stop whoever you are.”

Harry sighed and put his arm on Ron’s shoulder and said, “I’m sorry you went through that. Come over and sit with us. Are you okay?”

Ron shook his head and said, “I’ll be fine, I don’t know when, but I will be fine.”
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