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Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
Another seemingly boring day in the office.

Aurora was getting very tired, very fast, as days seemed to drag on while she was just sitting in the office areas. She was on her third cup of coffee today already, and it had basically just started. The woman wanted some field work, or something where she wouldn't be cooped up indoors all the time. But alas, that probably wasn't going to happen anytime soon. There have been no major cases that needed attending to recently, and she's been doing her trainings almost constantly. Even that was getting kind of tiring. However, she did need to improve her wandless magic skills, as that would come in handy when she would actually go on the field. You never know when you won't have your wand ready to cast that protego to block a stupefy.

Right now, from the looks of it though, Aurora would just be sipping away at her coffee, admiring the ever-changing view from the windows.
The morning was already off to a busy start, meetings aside. There were progress reports yet to be filled and ones that were already filled and in need of updates.

Lex was on her way to the Chief Inspector's desk when she spotted all means on a coffee break. Nothing wrong with that. In such a high stress job, little breaks were encouraged. Overworked employees seldom produced adequate performance and that would only cause the department as a whole to begin to suffer.

"How's the investigation coming?" She asked, slowing just enough so she could hear whatever answer came.

The IUOM team was currently occupied, she suspected even now some were out with Hit Wizard or Auror experts. Any update there would be useful.
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