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Watching her apply the sticking charm he did it on himself as well, hoping that he wouldn't do it too much that he would be permanently stuck to the building. He could see his brother having fun with the headlines of that one. Placing his hand on the building he thought maybe he should have put the charm on his shoes too, but his hand was already in.


He looked at her impressed, "Really, honestly I couldn't even walk in them let alone try to chase down someone. I'm glad men don't wear them." He was very glad about that, he liked to dress up, but he always was afraid women were going to break an ankle out on a date when they had really high was on.

He was moving slowly and they hadn't even gone up far before his arms started feeling weak, man, he was out of shape. That was going to have to change, but he wasn't going to say anything. "How are you doing?"
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