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Originally Posted by Birchwoodmom View Post
The seventh-floor corridor seemed to be a good place to start their search. It was the jumping off point for the towers and, if they could keep one or two from their team at the end of the corridor, they could prevent any of the Mutants from getting back to the rest of the castle.

As she walked down the corridor the Portraits caught her attention. “It appears there are some up here. Let’s not leave any nooks or crannies unchecked.” Kassie bent down to look behind the bench, hoping to find a mutant, but there was none to be found. She stood back up and slowly continued down the corridor and towards the Divination Tower. "Let's split up if we need to, but do try to stay in groups of two at a minimum."
Bear had sort of been swept along with a random group, opting to go where he seemed to be needed most rather than making a real conscious decision about it. That was how he found himself on the seventh floor -- his old stomping grounds, actually. He knew this corridor well. The former Gryffindor was amazed at how much things both changed and stayed the same. But no time to look around and reminisce now. He was meant to be searching for those cute little mutants. He probably wasn't supposed to think they were cute if he was holding a cage to trap them, but whatever. They were.

He was truthfully a little miffed at being there, though of course he didn't show it especially since his boss was like RIGHT THERE and he wasn't an idiot. His job title was Charm Developer. Did this look like developing charms? No sir, it did not. It looked a whole lot more like crawling around on the floor, which is what he was doing at the moment. Very civilized and dignified, it was.

He ducked his head under another bench across the way from where the professor (whose name he had forgotten to get and now it felt too late to ask) had looked. Nothing.

"Anyone seeing anything yet? Any clues about where they might have gone?" Stupid question, probably, since anyone who did find anything would have already announced it, he was sure.
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