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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Sure, Theophilus had dedicated his entire life to working with creatures but he couldn't quite remember if pickle was bad for them or not. Was he about to be the cause of an epidemic because he wanted to share his delicious sandwich? The thought and worry was gone as soon as it had came because his ear was being licked again and he couldn't help but laugh louder than he had been. "Mate. MaAAAATE. You're gonna get to me brain at this rate!"


"That rhymed! You're makin' me a poet!"

And he was no longer alone, so Theophilus raised his hand and waved with a grin. "Not minding at all! Just pickling with a pal!"
Brilliant. That was...brilliant, yeah.

At least people seemed to enjoy the café. Which was........honestly, Olly wasn't sure how she should feel about that. She'd been secretly harboring hopes that nobody would show up and that, consequently, Charles would realize that it wasn't necessary to have this place on their level. Alas, that did not seem to be the case, however.

So she might as well go with it.

"You know you're allowed to adopt them, too, if you like, yeah?" Those creatures DID need a home, after all.

Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Lucy entered the cafe with a tray laden with six small pots, floating in front of her. There were two pots with Agapanthus, two with lavender and one each of a red daisy and a yellow daisy.

"Hello, everyone. I have got some flowers to decorate the cafe. Where do you think would be the most ideal place for them?"
Lucy asked the room in general.
Aaand there was Lucille.

Olly turned a little to eye the plants she'd chosen to put into pots, then nodded approvingly. None of them looked particularly healthy useful for their own greenhouses. But maybe people would enjoy taking care of them anyway.

"Maybe set them over by the window for now." She suggested, gesturing towards a small window sill. That would do. For now.
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